How AI Chatbot Customer Service Will Transform Your Business in 2023



How will AI customer service chatbots transform your business in 2024?



Artificial intelligence (AI) is fascinating in every way. In the past, cordless phones were the primary method to place a pizza order, but today, AI programs such as Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri can perform that same task. Not only that, today’s AI can answer your complex questions about almost any topic. This article covers how AI can aid your business and customer service to reach maximum efficiency. According to Gartner,



By 2022, 70% of white-collar workers and customers will interact with conversational platforms daily.


Organizations focus resources on developing and deploying AI-powered customer service chatbots. AI chatbots come with many benefits which you can utilize for your business and improve customer service. AI chatbots help you achieve customer satisfaction and build trust in your business. However, it is vital to understand what AI chatbots are in detail before you utilize them in your business.



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AI Chatbots- What Are They?



AI Chatbot Benefits in Business



Minimizing the Wait Time



24/7 Service




Multiplatform Support


Increase Conversion Rates




Want an AI Chabot for Your Business?


AI Chatbots- What Are They?


Artificial intelligence chatbots or AI chatbots are chat systems where bots imitate human-like behavior with the help of the Natural Language Processing (NLP) technique. In simple terms, the function of an AI chatbot involves recognizing the customer’s query and comparing the words with the help of NLP, in the same manner as a dictionary, to find the best possible answer to that particular query.



AI chatbots interpret the human language apart from the pre-programmed language and respond to your question based on the existing database that contains human language information.



They help start the conversation with the visitor to your website and allow them to solve their problem without spending much time. The standard AI chatbot (in terms of UI/UX elements) may look like this:



AI chatbots continue learning at a steady rate, and over time, they can analyze any pattern in a given situation and provide the best possible response to that pattern. This is an excellent opportunity to implement AI chatbots in various industries for various conditions, such as performing sentiment analysis to understand the customer’s feelings or making a prediction and providing related products based on their history of purchase on an e-commerce website.




AI Chatbot Benefits for Business and Customer Service:


Usually, customer service agents solve customer queries and address their issues. However, the need for “24/7 query resolution” became the norm with the evolution of technology.



Traditional chatbots help satisfy the need for 24/7 query resolution. This method is proven cost-effective. and potent supplement to live human interaction. However, they could not recognize the context and emotions behind the query. These chatbots found the keyword and produced the result but did not understand the customer’s feelings.



The missing factor in customer issues was understanding their query from their perspective, so the chatbot should understand the query’s context to empathize with the customer.



This is where the AI chatbots come into the picture. AI chatbots can perform sentiment analysis on the customer query and understand whether the question is positive or negative. With the help of NLP, the result frames the answer for that query. However, implementing AI chatbots in your business has several other benefits.



Minimizing the Wait Time:


Customers want a frictionless and quick solution to their problems.





In an ideal scenario, there is one agent for one customer, but e-commerce giants use the one agent for multiple customer approach. While the process saves time, it allows the agent to understand the customer and resolve their problem. However, if you go with a one-to-one approach, the average wait time for the customer will increase considerably.



The solution is an AI chatbot. AI chatbots will handle the subqueries such as order placement details and search products with the help of the product description, keywords, tags, and SKUs. Also, another notable feature is that an AI chatbot can handle multiple customers at a time without compromising the quality of the solutions. It helps to provide much-needed legroom for the agents to resolve more complex queries with much more concentration and attention to the customer and their needs.



24/7 Service:


It is a fact that not every human works 24/7, but we don’t know when an issue may arise. How do we solve both problems at the same time? The answer is an AI chatbot. Unlike a human agent or customer service team, AI chatbots do not require rest or breaks, so whenever an issue arises, customers can receive a solution to their problem regardless of when it happens.



Multiplatform Support:


Every business is different, as some may not require multiplatform to promote and do their business, but others do. But when it comes to customer service, almost all enterprises follow multiplatform support.



Juggling between platforms is too much for most agents to handle, which is a loss of efficiency and productivity. AI chatbots can integrate with multiple platforms and keep your business growing seamlessly without any difficulties along the way. Wherever your customer asks, you are ready to answer that query as soon as possible.



Increase Conversion Rates:


How do you convert a visitor to your website into a customer? There are ways to do that, but one of the most effective ways to increase the conversion rates of your business is to implement an AI chatbot on your website’s homepage. Instead of manually finding any offers or a particular product, customers need not search the entire website.



An AI chatbot will provide the necessary information your visitor needs by asking the query in the chat box. This gives you an excellent opportunity to show the visitors that you care about them and their problems and act as a catalyst to convert them into customers.


Generative and Scripted AI to engage shoppers in conversational eCommerce.

Create happy customers while growing your business!

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  • 5% to 35% Increase in AOV*

  • 25% to 45% Reduction in Support Tickets


*When shoppers engage with Ochatbot®

Want an AI Chabot for Your Business?

Ochatbot is one of the leading online AI chatbot providers. Ochatbot provides a wide range of AI chatbots for increasing your e-commerce business, generating leads, and increasing the overall user experience for customers. Ochabot also provides beneficial insights and analytics about your business and customer experience. You can devise an ironclad strategy to improve your business while focusing on that information.

The notable features of Ochatbot are:

  • You can install Ochatbot on your website without any need for programming knowledge.
  • You can fully customize the Ochatbot to your business requirements.
  • You can add surveys and other forms to get real-time customer feedback on the chat experience and store it in the database.
  • Ochatbot gives a short description of the product that the customer wants. It helps to save time for the customer and helps in decision-making for the customer.
  • Ochatbot gives you an extensive weekly performance analysis report, including effectiveness, revenue, conversion rate, and customer feedback. You can use this information and devise a plan to avoid any negative issues in the future.
  • You can build, test and deploy your AI chatbot customer service for free.
  • Customers can directly add the products they are interested in into their cart from the chat window without visiting the website’s cart window.


1. How can an AI chatbot customer service will transform your business?

AI chatbots can understand the customer’s pain points and give a response promptly. Also, it can handle multiple customers simultaneously, which helps agents focus on complex queries with maximum efficiency.

2. What are the benefits of AI chatbots?

The benefits of AI chatbots are:
Minimize wait time
24/7 customer service
Increase conversion rate
Multiplatform service

3. What are the e-commerce websites that support Ochatbot’s AI bots?

Ochatbot has plugins for Shopify Chatbot, Woocommerce Chatbot, BigCommerce Chatbot, and other big eCommerce websites.

Closing Thoughts:

Customer service is responsible for keeping any business afloat, and e-commerce is their best industry. You need every tool in your arsenal to stand among your competitors. Ochatbot’s AI chatbot gives you an edge in that competition. Try AI chatbot now for free, and you will see a positive increase in your business and a substantial customer conversion rate.

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