Ochatbot® CBD Case Study

Ochatbot Educates and Increases CBD eCommerce Sales

The Challenge

The CBD industry struggles with explaining their product’s benefits to the market because the CBD industry is so new. CBD companies are flooded with questions about what CBD is, how CBD is made, what ailments CBD could help with, and many more. Customers are confused on what to purchase to solve their ailments. Customer support was overwhelmed with questions and customers were hesitant in making a purchase which increased abandoned carts. Ometrics has over 10 CBD clients that successfully use Ochatbot.

CBD Hemp Chatbot

The Solution

The Ochatbot eCommerce solution works on a number of ecommerce platforms such as Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce and others. Ochatbot learned the individual CBD company’s knowledge covering all aspects of CBD including what not to say from the FDA’s legal requirements avoiding any regulatory issues. Customers are encouraged to ask their questions and are guided to the best product for them based on their ailments. When faced with a customer question that is too complex or specific they are transferred to Live Chat when available.

The Result

The CBD companies had the following results:

  • 25% to 30% of shoppers that engaged with Ochatbot made a purchase
  • Increased orders by 13% to 22%
  • Increased Average Order Value by 7%
  • Increased total revenue by 15% to 23% up to 40%
  • Order Status feature reduced support tickets up to 25% and support teams received less Live Chat sessions

All of these lifts do NOT include subscription revenues which would produce even better numbers from the reoccurring monthly revenue. Companies also benefited from immediate responses and feedback provided by Ochatbot such as informing the company that parts of the checkout process were broken or down which avoided loss of revenue and frustrated customers.

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