Ochatbot® Lead Generation Chatbot

LeadBot Lead Generation

We’ve made setting up lead generation even easier with our pre-built LeadBots. Designed for each specific industry, LeadBot gathers lead information and helps qualify each lead while also assisting with appointment setting. Leads are then sent straight to your sales person or sales CRM in realtime.

All the work has already been done to build each LeadBot, so all you have to do is choose which one you would like to use. We will even help you install it on your site so you can sit back and watch the leads roll in.

This is a demo of a Wedding LeadBot. The LeadBot asks questions to gather information and sends the lead out to your sales team. You can remove questions and select the button options when you set up the LeadBot. We can also build you a custom LeadBot.

Answer the questions and see what the LeadBot asks next.

Ochatbot® Lead Generation

Ochatbot Lead Generation Forms are built into the chatbot conversation with the user. This allows the user to naturally engage in conversation and for the chatbot to casually ask for contact information and other questions.

The collected information is sent to selected email addresses or to any CRM or marketing automation system. Your sales team gets the lead right away so they can act quickly.

  • Lead forms are pre-populated so you can create a form quickly
  • Qualification questions can be customized to improve lead quality
  • Easily add button options to increase form completion speed


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