Ochatbot® Farm & Oven Case Study

Abandoned Cart Feature Increases Farm & Oven’s Revenue by 34%

The Challenge

Farm & Oven was looking for a way to improve sales and help their support team. Farm and Oven’s focuses on packing vegetables into every healthy snack they make. Customers had many questions about which products matched their dietary needs and restrictions. These questions reduced sales and frustrated customers.

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The Solution

Ochatbot quickly answers dietary questions and suggests the correct product for their dietary needs. Ochatbot engages customers quickly to help find what they are looking for through a series of questions as well as the ability to type in questions. Products are displayed inside the chatbot window with an image, description, and price as well as the option to Add to Cart. Ochatbot also allows cross selling and upselling of new projects and package sizes.

The Result

As a result of the at hand dietary information and product suggestions provided by Ochatbot, customers felt more confident in selecting products that met their needs. This led to a reduction in support tickets and sales from abandoned carts have increased by 34%. Overall revenue has increased by 30%.

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