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Benefits of a Shopify Chatbot

Increase conversions:

  • Increase revenues 15% to 35% when customers engage with Ochatbot
  • Shorten the sales cycle by having customers find what they want faster
  • Customers can add to cart directly from Ochatbot
  • Remove obstacles – customer questions are efficiently answered to remove obstacles to purchase
  • Recommendation Engine – products that fit the customer’s needs are recommended. Results can be customized by profit margin, overstocks, sale items, etc.

Here is an example of a Shopify ecommerce site with Ochatbot.

shopify ochatbot

User Engagement

Create natural engagement with the customer like a typical human conversation at the right time with the right offer or product.

Shopify Product Recommendations

The product search and recommendation algorithm works inside the chatbot AI to determine the best product to show to the user. You can choose overstocks or high profit margin products to be displayed first.

Gain Customer Insights

Reports provide insights about which buttons customers click the most and where they get stuck. Find out your customer’s desires, needs,  and obstacles to purchasing in your Shopify store.

How It Works

The Shopify chatbot works like a salesperson who greets you in a retail store and offers to help you find what you’re looking for. The chatbot asks questions to understand the customer’s wants and needs.

The Shopify API includes a built-in search algorithm that can prioritize product search results. The prioritization criteria can be based on overstock items, high profit-margin items, sale items, etc.

Increase your revenue by 15% to 35% per sale with the Shopify API on Ochatbot.   The integration seamlessly provides all the chatbot functionality when your customers engage with the chatbot. All you need to do is import your SKUs, decide which products you want to be featured first, and create your intents in Ochatbot for those items.

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