Ochatbot® Veto Pro Pac Case Study

Veto Pro Pac Saw 35% Increase in Revenue When Using Ochatbot

The Challenge

Veto Pro Pac carries a large number of tool bags made specifically for different types of tradesmen. A variety of interchangeable parts and accessories generates a lot of questions about each product. Sales staff were overwhelmed with customer questions and requests that also hindered sales.

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The Solution

Ochatbot easily connected to Veto Pro Pac’s eCommerce website which uses the WordPress Woocommerce platform. Ochatbot engaged customers quickly to help find what they are looking for through a series of questions as well as the ability to type in questions. Products are displayed inside the chatbot window with an image, description, and price as well as the option to Add to Cart. The abandoned cart features captures customers when they come back to the site if they have products in the cart or checkout. Customers asking questions get immediate responses, meaning sales obstacles are overcome promptly.

The Result

Veto Pro Pac saw an average revenue increase of 35% when customers engaged with Ochatbot. The abandoned cart feature also increased sales by an average of 50%. Orders via Ochatbot increased 10x. Order status requests through the chatbot resulted in a 48% drop in support tickets. Veto Pro Pac also saw an increase in mail catalog requests up to 50+ a month. Ometrics presented this business insight to Veto Pro Pac which helped spur new ideas surrounding direct mail efforts.

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