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Benefits of a Magento Chatbot

Ochatbot Magento chatbot works like a salesperson who greets you in a retail store and offers to help you find what you’re looking for. The chatbot asks questions to understand the customer’s wants and needs.


  • Increase revenues 15% to 35% when customers engage with Ochatbot

  • Shorten the sales cycle by having customers find what they want faster

  • Customers can add to cart directly from Ochatbot

  • Recommendation Engine – products that fit the customer’s needs are recommended

Shopping Assistant

Ochatbots Magento chatbot can ask questions and understand what the customers is looking for then recommend the product that fits their needs

Natural Conversational Commerce

Ochatbots AI can switch conversations from topic to topic just like a customer talking to a salesperson. Conversational commerce engages customers in a natural way overcoming sales obstacles and easing the sales process.

Page Targeting

Ask the right questions and the right time during the customers purchasing journey is the key to any sale. Page Targeting allows you to craft specific questions when a customer is on a specific page of the site. Ochatbot asks about your checkout issue in checkout not on the homepage or a product specific question for that type of product they are interested in.  

Add to Cart and View Details 

Ochatbot presents the suggested product in the chat window and allows customers to add the products directly to the cart or be directed to the product page to view details. This speeds up the sales process and connects the conversation to the product quickly.

Videos and Images for Custom Product Presentations

Ochatbots Magento chatbot can display videos in the chat window showing the features of the product. A video can overcome many customer sales obstacles quickly concluding a sale faster especially for complex product sales.  

Customer Support Ticketing

Ometrics Ochatbot seamlessly connects to your CRM support ticket system sending questions into your support queue. 

Live Chat

Ochatbot comes with built in live chat however you can also connect to a third party live chat system. Ochatbot can even detect if your live chat operator is live on most third party live chat systems and offer live chat to the customer only when an operator is active.

Build Your eMail List

Ochabot has many modules such as LeadBot funnel forms to surveys. The marketing options are unlimited. The LeadBot funnel forms can qualify customers, collect contact data and even set appointments.                

Gain Customer Insights 

Ochatbots reporting provides customers insights from website issues to competitors product comparisons to truly understand the thought process the customer is going through when making a purchase. Find out your customer’s desires, needs,  and obstacles to purchasing in your Magento store.

No Programming

Start building your Magento Chatbot by answering a few questions. Ochatbot will gather your product SKU’s, images, product text and other information automatically. Easily brand your Magento chatbot with your company’s look and feel.

GDPR and CCPA compliant

Ometrics Ochatbot meets GDPR and CCPA regulations so you can be compliant with your local laws.

Free Support

Ometrics Ochatbot is always here to help your business grow.

Here is an example of a Magento eCommerce site with Ochatbot.

magento ochatbot



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