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Benefits of an Apparel eCommerce Chatbot


Apparel e-commerce makes up about 23% of total online retail sales in the United States [Statista] and continues to experience steady annual growth each year. One of the unique challenges of online shopping for apparel is the lack of a salesperson to guide and assist the customer with their purchases. This creates a lost opportunity for online retailers to employ techniques such as “building the basket” and upselling and cross-selling.

Through text, Ochatbot interacts with shoppers in a human-like manner. Ochatbot’s Natural Language Processing (NLP) creates conversations that are life-like and natural, with unstructured conversational flow enabled. Customers are able to ask questions about fit, style, and similar products, as well as shipping, sustainability, and inventory. Ochatbot helps increase sales and average order values along with improving the shopping experience and providing fast customer service.

Ochatbot’s AI also collects data and provides marketing insights about the shoppers’ journey. These insights allow you to understand what shoppers are stuck on and what to improve on your site.

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Ochatbot is built for eCommerce with several features to help increase conversions and revenue:

Direct Shopping and Add to Cart – when customers type in a product or keyword Ochatbot provides product recommendations by displaying a product image, description, price, link to the product page, and the option to Add to Cart all inside the chatbot window.

Abandoned Cart – Ochatbot cookies or remembers customers for 30 days. When a customer adds something to their cart – then leaves – then comes back – Ochatbot will remind them of the items left in their cart prompting them to checkout. Abandoned Cart increases revenue up to 34%.

Order Status and Tracking– Ochatbot connects to the product database and allows customers to enter their order number and receive an update on their order status. Or it can point to an order status system already in place. The Order Status feature reduces customer support tickets for one client by 78%. Ochatbot reduces support tickets from 25% to 45% or more.

Intriguing Product Recommendations – Specific product up-sells or cross-sells can be set inside Ochatbot that recommend products based on the items already in their cart. When a customer is on their checkout page, Ochatbot will trigger to display the up-sell products helping boost revenue.

Built-in 3rd Party Live Chat. Ochatbot can activate built-in or 3rd party live chat when questions are unique to the shopper’s situation or beyond the AI scope. Ochatbot can also monitor your site and invite the shopper to live chat.

Independent AI. Ochatbot is built with its own Ometrics AI so your chatbot can operate independent of Facebook – eliminating your business risk, while shoppers are not forced to shop through Facebook and forfeit privacy.

AI Conversational eCommerce. Ochatbot interacts with shoppers in a human-like manner through textual conversations. Questions are answered in seconds in real time and relate directly to the questions asked.

Natural Unrestricted Conversations. Shoppers can switch from topic to topic – mimicking a natural conversation, at any point in their shopping journey. Ometrics' AI is enabled with Natural Language Processing (NLP) so conversations aren’t restricted to a structured flow. Ochatbot continues to interact in a natural conversational way.

Page Targeting. Ochatbot engages shoppers at the right moment in the customer journey using a variety of triggers to initiate conversation.

Zapier for CRM & Ticketing – Ochatbot utilizes Zapier connections to connect to thousands of CRM’s. This allows Ochatbot to send leads, customer support tickets, or additions to an email list straight into a CRM all in real-time – keep on top of leads and tickets while adding to an email list.

Insightful Reporting and Analytics – Every Friday a Snapshot Report is sent out with details on Ochatbot’s performance. Ochatbot tracks conversions, revenue, abandoned carts converted, abandoned cart revenue, number of order status requests, and much more all included in a concise report. From there, more information or data is accessible such as a fallback report, page engagement report, and user response report to help mine valuable business insights.

GDPR and CCPA compliant  – Ometrics Ochatbot meets GDPR and CCPA regulations so you can be compliant with your local laws.

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