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AI Chatbot Consulting and Pro Plan Services

We love to help our clients learn more about their business and grow. Sometimes companies just don’t have the bandwidth to learn AI technology and add one more marketing task to their daily routine.

This is why we offer chatbot consulting services via our Pro Plans. Our Pro Plans include custom development of your AI chatbot plus daily AI training and maintenance.

Building a Chatbot – We work with your team to create the best way to engage your customers so their questions are answered, get over any sales obstacles, and complete a purchase. This also includes support and lead generation activities. Ochatbot has extensive conversational eCommerce chatbot features which we customize for your business.

Maintaining a Chatbot – A chatbot is always learning. It is also gathering data about your prospects and customers. We monitor, train, and maintain your AI chatbot on a daily basis. This not only makes for an intelligent AI chatbot but also increases AOV and over all revenues and customer satisfaction.

Weekly Reports and Insights – Every week we provide reporting about Ochatbot’s KPI’s, like average order value, abandoned cart revenues, total sales of the chatbot, and much more. We can also provide in-depth analysis of what the AI found from obstacles shoppers are having, what type of content is missing on a page, and what shoppers are most interested in.

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