Ochatbot vs Manifest AI

Increase Sales, Lift AOV, and Reduce Support Tickets with a Full AI Chatbot

What’s the difference between Ochatbot and Manifest?

Ochatbot is a customer-driven, sales-focused AI chatbot tool that focuses on improving online revenue available to businesses operating on all eCommerce platforms.

With Ochatbot, you can:

  • Increase conversions by engaging your visitors with personalized recommendations, offers, and discounts.
  • Reduce cart abandonment by providing instant answers to common questions, resolving issues, and reminding customers of their items.
  • Reduce repetitive support tickets, allowing your support team to focus on more complicated queries.

Manifest is built using OpenAI’s ChatGPT, which includes added data risks. It’s also only available through stores on Shopify. This means that Manifest is limited in its functionality, compatibility, and security. On the other hand, Ochatbot is built using our proprietary Ometrics AI, which ensures your data is safe and secure. Not only is our platform secure, but we also utilize a unique Compound AI System with a scripted intent-based AI and generative AI system. This combination allows for greater control over the chatbot’s responses. Ochatbot is also compatible with all e-commerce platforms, giving you more flexibility and reach. Don’t settle for a mediocre chatbot that puts your data at risk and restricts your options. Choose Ochatbot and see the difference for yourself.

Get Started with Ochatbot

Experience Ochatbot for free with a 7-day trial! Create your account here, then jumpstart the learning process by uploading your company's FAQs. 

Ochatbot vs Manifest: How do They Compare?


Unlimited Integrations

Ochatbot offers unlimited integrations at our lowest plans ($29/mo).


Limited Integrations

Manifest locks custom integrations behind their $800 enterprise solution. 


Available Across all E-Commerce Platforms

Ochatbot is available to stores using Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Magento, and more. 


Built for Shopify

Manifest only functions out of Shopify, making it in accessible for many ecommerce stores.


Unlimited Replies

Ochatbot charges based on the amount of traffic on your site, not chatbot replies, keeping costs low and reasonable.


Limited GPT Replies

Manifest limits the number of replies per month, and charges $.040 per additional reply. 


Customization Available

Unlimited customizations are available to all Ochatbot users, including design and custom engagement questions.


Pricey Customization

Manifest restricts customization to higher-tier plans.


Deep Analytics

Business KPIs are sent directly to your inbox every Friday. Learn how your visitors are interacting with Ochatbot and find areas for improvement. Identify sticky areas on your site where users are getting stuck.


Limited Analytics

Lower-tier users are restricted to standard analytics.


Unlimited SKU Import

Unlimited SKU upload starting at our lowest plan of $29/mo.


SKUs Restricted

Lower-tier users are restricted to 2,000 products at $39/month.


  • 1,000 GPT replies, $0.040 per additional GPT reply
  • 30 custom intents
  • Unable to export collected leads
  • 2000 SKUs supported
  • Limited page starting/AI-pop-ups
  • Gorgias & Shopify integrations

Pro & Enterprise: Focus on sales while we take care of everything for you

Don’t have time to create and manage an AI chatbot? We got you covered. Our Natural Language Processing Engineers (NLP) work with you to create an intelligent chatbot. After the Generative and/or Scripted AI chatbot is built, we train the AI and manage the bot daily to improve its intelligence and identify customer insights that make your business superior. All for one monthly price. Fill out the form to learn more.


20-40% increase in revenue


25-45% Reduction in Support tickets


5-35% increase in AOV

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the free trial work?

During the 7-day trial, explore all of Ochatbot’s generative and scripted AI functionalities to optimize customer service, boost AOV, reduce customer support tickets, and increase revenue. No credit card information is required to start the trial.

After the trial period, your account will remain, but access to Ochatbot will be removed. You will still have access to our free CRO tools. For upgrades post-trial, kindly contact our support team.

What is Ochatbot?

Ochatbot is an AI e-commerce chatbot designed to reduce support tickets, and boosts sales and revenue. It is an all-in-one AI solution that offers premium features from one chatbot. 

Ochatbot uses generative AI to learn about your business and deliver human-like conversations to your customers.

Does Ochatbot use ChatGPT?

No, we use proprietary LLM to power Ochatbot. Your data is safe and secure with Ochatbot, and we also restrict your AI’s knowledge so it never spews harmful words or disinformation. 

How does live chat work?

Ochatbot uses its own live chat system (1 seat) or can connect to a third party. A customer can request a live chat from within the chatbot – either when the chatbot AI does not understand the customer or when the visitor clicks a button. If you are unavailable to chat, the customer can leave a message and you can follow up via email. You can also monitor your site’s activity and proactively invite customers to live chat.

Is Ochatbot able to connect directly to a eCommerce product database?

Yes, Ochatbot can connect directly to product databases through any eCommerce integration platform. Connecting directly to the product database will allow chat bot users to search products inside the AI chatbot window. Product images, short descriptions, and pricing will appear in the chat window along with buttons for Add to Cart and View Details.