Ochatbot Features

Ochatbot gives you easy to use features that help you engage with your users and get higher conversion rates of leads and sales. The interface allows you to create conversations with questions, intents, keyword listeners and a variety of reply types and logic. Here are some of the features.

  • Easily installed with one script on your website
  • Build simple or complex conversational logic trees
  • Engage users at the right time to start a conversation using a variety of triggers
  • Gain insights from user data
  • Build, test and launch your chatbot for free

The Ochatbot editor has many features built in to speed up the creation of a chatbot.

  • Real-time testing of intents provides immediate feedback
  • Create new questions and intents easily and duplicate other intents
  • Site-wide variables are applied automatically to reduce maintenance time
  • Brand the look and feel of Ochatbot quickly and easily
ochatbot build a chatbot interface

Creation of intents can be the most time-consuming part of building a chatbot. Ochatbot's interface simplifies the process.

  • Global intents allow the conversation to jump to a new subject using natural language processing
  • Standard intents are pre-defined with built-in AI
  • Add images and video inside the chatbot window
ochatbot intents

Embed Ochatbot on websites and social networks like Facebook Messenger.

Create your chatbot for free. Don't want to do it yourself? Let us build it for you! Click here for pricing and options.

ochatbot on facebook messenger