Ochatbot® Case Studies

Ochatbot is built to help companies grow – by increasing sales and revenue, reducing customer support tickets, or improving lead generation. Check out the Case Studies below to see how Ochatbot helped these businesses tackle their biggest problems.

woocommerce ochatbot

Veto Pro Pac Increases AOV by 35% with Ochatbot

Veto Pro Pac saw an average revenue increase of 35% when customers engaged with Ochatbot.

CBD Hemp Chatbot

CBD AI Chatbots Educate and Increase eCommerce Sales

CBD companies saw a 40% increase in sales per user via Ochatbot as well as revenue doubling.

Ochatbot Handles 78% of Tucker's Contact Requests

Tucker Gun Leather utilizes the Order Status feature which handles 78% of customers reaching out to them.

Ochatbot Doubles Invigor8's Orders and Triples Revenue per Order

Invigor8 saw orders double as well as revenues per order triple – with the Abandoned Cart feature increasing revenue by 20%.

shopify ochatbot

Ochatbot Increases Farm & Oven's Revenue by 34% with Abandoned Cart Feature

Ochatbot’s Abandoned Cart feature helps increase Farm & Oven’s revenue by 34%.

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