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Ochatbot – AI Chatbot for eCommerce

Ometrics’ Ochatbot is an advanced AI chatbot designed for eCommerce businesses. With its conversational approach, Ochatbot provides a unique personalized shopping experience to customers. Ometrics proprietary AI combines Scripted intent-based AI and Generative AI allowing a hallucination free experience. 

  • 1 out of 4 shoppers using Ochatbot make a purchase
  • 5%-35% lift in AOV
  • Reduction of support ticket volume by 25%-45%
  • Instant response times for quick resolution of customer inquiries
  • Increase sales through tailored product recommendations
  • Cross- and up-selling opportunities
  • Stay ahead of the competition with cutting-edge technology
  • Advanced AI engages shoppers at the right time with the right questions during their shopping journey.

What sets Ochatbot apart from other chatbots is its advanced proprietary AI and unique e-commerce features. Since 2017 Ometrics has been perfecting Ochatbots AI with a focus on engaging and converting shoppers into customers and reducing support tickets.



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Key Features

Direct Shopping and Add to Cart

Ochatbot can ask questions and understand what the customers are looking for then recommend the product that fits their needs. Ochatbot provides product image, description, price, link to the product page, and the option to Add to Cart all inside the chatbot window.

Customer Service Chatbot

Ochatbot answers common troubleshooting questions your shoppers have, eliminating the need to go through a human agent. With 24/7 availability, Ochatbot ensures that your customers are never left waiting and that your support team is never overwhelmed with repetitive queries. Ochatbot is a great first step before live chat as live chat must be answered within 30 seconds to avoid customer irritation. Ochatbot may also be completely integrated into a live chat system, guaranteeing that a human agent is available to take action when necessary. Ochatbot’s unique AI recognizes when certain questions require human intervention and directs them to an available live chat agent. 

Order Status and Order Tracking

“Where is my order” is one of the most common questions. Ochatbot’s chatbot knows where an order is throughout the purchase process so customers can know if their product was shipped and when it will arrive. Having Ochatbot handle these questions can reduce hours of support emails and calls. Ochatbot reduces support tickets from 25% to 45%, and has reduced the customer support tickets for one Ochatbot client by 78%.

Abandoned Cart

When a customer adds something to their cart – then leaves your eCommerce site – then comes back –  Ochatbot will remind them of the items left in their cart prompting them to checkout. Ochatbot monitors the checkout process informing customers while they are still on the site about their orders. Abandoned Cart increases revenue significantly.

Intriguing Product Recommendations

Ochatbot’s Up-Sell and Cross-Sell feature allows eCommerce stores to suggest other products to shoppers based on what they just added to their cart. When a shopper clicks to add a product to their cart or when a shopper is on the checkout page, Ochatbot will open the full chatbot window and display similar or complementary products to boost Average Order Value (AOV).

Proprietary AI

Ometrics proprietary AI combines Scripted intent-based AI with Generative AI. The AI is secure and contained and does not feed information to public LLM’s like ChatGPT.  The AI architecture is designed not to hallucinate and can provide legally accurate responses. 

LLM Independent

Ometrics AI uses multiple LLM models for different data and generative use cases. Ometrics is consistently updating the AI with the latest technology and techniques.

Legally Accurate Responses

Ochatbots AI provides legally accurate responses for situations when an answer must be word-for-word accurate such as FDA-regulated products, health services and other situations.

AI Conversational eCommerce

Ochatbot interacts with shoppers in a human-like manner through textual conversations.  Questions are answered in sentences in real-time and relate directly to the questions asked.

Engages Shoppers

Ochatbot engages shoppers at the right moment in the customer journey. Asking the right questions at the right time during the customer’s purchasing journey is the key to any sale. Ochatbot allows you to craft specific questions when a customer is on a specific page of the site. 

Insightful Reporting and Analytics

Every Friday a Snapshot Report is sent out with details on Ochatbot’s performance. Ochatbot tracks conversions, revenue, abandoned carts converted, number of order status requests, and much more all included in a concise report. From there, more information or data is accessible such as a fallback report, page engagement report, and user response report to help mine valuable business insights. Pro and Enterprise clients receive an additional monthly roll-up report with deeper AI insights about their business.

Videos and Images for Custom Product Presentations

Ochatbot can display videos in the chat window showing the features of the product. A video can overcome many customer sales obstacles quickly concluding a sale faster especially for complex product sales.  

Variety of Engagement Triggers

Ochatbot images with visitors in the manner that best fits your company’s brand. Different desktop and mobile engagement throughout the visitor’s journey through the website.

Zapier for CRM and Ticketing

Ochatbot utilizes Zapier connections to connect to thousands of CRMs. This allows Ochatbot to send leads, customer support tickets, or additions to an email list straight into a CRM all in real-time – keep on top of leads and tickets while adding to an email list.

Built-in 3rd Party Live Chat

Ochatbot can activate built-in or 3rd party live chat when questions are unique to the shopper’s situation or beyond the AI scope. Ochatbot can also monitor your site and invite the shopper to live chat.

Build Your eMail List

Ochabot has many modules such as LeadBot funnel forms to surveys. The marketing options are unlimited. The LeadBot funnel forms can qualify customers, collect contact data, and even set appointments.                

No Programming

Start building your Chatbot by answering a few questions. Ochatbot will gather your product SKU’s, images, product text and other information automatically. Easily brand your chatbot with your company’s look and feel.

GDPR and CCPA compliant

Ometrics Ochatbot meets GDPR and CCPA regulations so you can be compliant with your local laws.

Dedicated NLP Engineer (Pro and Enterprise Only) 

With a dedicated NLP Engineer monitoring Ochatbot daily, your customer service team will be alerted to any issues within 24 hours of detection.


Ometrics provides best-in-class support – FREE. We are here to help you be successful so you can quickly engage customers, gain insights, and grow sales!

Case Studies

Our clients are our best ambassadors, and the results speak for themselves. Companies using Ochatbot see a significant increase in customer engagement and satisfaction, with many reporting that their support ticket volume has decreased by as much as 40%.

woocommerce ochatbot

Veto Pro Pac Increases AOV by 35% with Ochatbot

Veto Pro Pac saw an average revenue increase of 35% when customers engaged with Ochatbot. Learn More >>

CBD Hemp Chatbot

Ochatbot Educates and Increases CBD eCommerce Sales

CBD companies saw a 40% increase in sales per user via Ochatbot as well as revenue doubling. Learn More >>

Ochatbot Handles 78% of Tucker's Contact Requests

Tucker Gun Leather utilizes the Order Status feature which handles 78% of customers reaching out to them. Learn More >>

Hector: An AI eCommerce Chatbot

Endless integrations

Ochatbot works on all eCommerce platforms such as:

Shopify, Magento, Big Commerce, WooCommerce

Pro and Enterprise: Our dedicated NLP engineers will work with you to ensure smooth integration and setup.

Why use an AI chatbot for eCommerce?

In the world of eCommerce, AI chatbots can offer a range of benefits, such as:

Better Understanding of Customer Needs: AI chatbots can gather data on customer queries and interactions, providing valuable insights into customer needs and preferences. This information can help eCommerce businesses make informed decisions about product offerings, marketing strategies, and customer support.

Improved Customer Experience: AI chatbots can provide customers with instant and personalized support, ensuring that their queries are addressed promptly and efficiently. This can help improve customer satisfaction and retention rates.

Increased Efficiency: AI chatbots can handle multiple customer queries simultaneously, reducing response times and increasing efficiency. This can lead to cost savings for eCommerce businesses.

Competitive Advantage: By utilizing AI chatbots, eCommerce businesses can gain a competitive edge by offering customers a unique and personalized experience. This can help differentiate them from their competitors and drive sales.


Ometrics is here to help eCommerce businesses grow revenue and gain insights with our unique AI chatbot, Ochatbot®. Click below to learn more about Ochatbot.