Ochatbot vs Tidio

Increase Sales, Lift AOV, and Reduce Support Tickets with a Full AI Chatbot

What’s the difference between Ochatbot and Tidio?

Ochatbot is an AI-powered chatbot designed to help drive sales for e-commerce businesses.

Ochatbot, powered by generative AI, is built for online businesses that want to automate customer support while also maintaining customer engagement, increasing revenue, and operating as an AI sales assistant. Live chat integrations are available, though Ochatbot’s use of generative AI makes it so that more complicated queries can be handled by the chatbot. Ochatbot reads your site data and becomes an informed sales assistant capable of offering product recommendations and answering frequently asked questions.

Tidio is a helpdesk focused on integrating all of a business’s support systems in one place. While they do offer chatbots, most are simple rule-based bots only capable of handling basic customer queries, while their AI is still in its infancy. These bots are focused more on pushing any non-predefined queries to live chat. While this can be great for businesses seeking to centralize their workflow, it doesn’t reduce support tickets nor does it focus on driving sales or boosting customer engagement.

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Ochatbot vs Tidio: How do They Compare?


Pricing is based on visitors, not conversations

Ochatbot’s transparent pricing model makes it easier to budget your use. We don’t restrict how many conversations you have, ensuring you’re able to budget affectively month to month.


Expensive for limited features

Tidio’s new comparable AI chatbot, Lyro, restricts the number of chatbot replies at the lowest plans. To access more replies, you must move into significantly higher pricing tiers. 


An All in One AI Solution

Ochatbot offers a unique, all-in-one experience that makes setup and maintenance quick and easy. Generative AI, pre-scripted responses, abandon cart, add to cart, and more all from one chatbot. 


Features are segmented

While Tidio offers many features, most are segmented to different areas of their platform. Their chatbot templates contain many of their ecommerce features, and using a chatbot comes with an additional charge in addition to Lyro AI’s $39/month. 


Generative AI that sells

Ochatbot’s customer service features can’t be understated, but our unique AI excels in one other area: it’s an expert salesman.


Limited to customer service

Tidio’s AI is focused more on customer service which means that many e-commerce features aren’t being utilized. E-commerce features are available in their rule-based bots.


Dedicated customer service team

Our customer service team is dedicated to seeing your business flourish. We offer tips for the best chatbot strategies, help with setup, and more.



Tidio restricts elite customer service to higher tiered plans, leading to an unsatisfactory support network.


Integrates into your helpdesk

Ochatbot’s unlimited integration means it connects directly to your favorite helpdesk CRM. No need to completely overhaul your system.


Helpdesk integration only available at higher-tier

Integrating AI into your helpdesk is only available through their Tidio+ plan.


Years of industry experience in AI

At Ometrics, AI is kind of our thing. We’ve been in the AI space since 2017 and we understand the unique challenges of integrating AI into a workspace.


AI still in its infancy

Tidio’s new Lyro AI lacks the tested reliability and depth of expertise that comes with years of industry experience like Ometrics’.


Lyro AI
  • 50 – 200 conversations
  • Ecommerce features available through additional Chatbot Plan
  • Live chat messaging only available through an additional Customer Service Plan
  • No helpdesk integration
  • Restricted only to certain industries
  • No AI training
  • No Business KPIs

Pro & Enterprise: Focus on sales while we take care of everything for you

Unlimited ecommerce integrations

Generative AI for human-like conversations

Product Cross-sell and Upsell

Add to Cart from Chat window

Support ticket CRM integration

AI pop-up|Page Targeting

See how an AI chatbot is better for your business


20-40% increase in revenue


25-45% Reduction in Support tickets


5-35% increase in AOV

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the free trial work?

During the 7-day trial, explore all of Ochatbot’s generative and scripted AI functionalities to optimize customer service, boost AOV, reduce customer support tickets, and increase revenue. No credit card information is required to start the trial.

After the trial period, your account will remain, but access to Ochatbot will be removed. You will still have access to our free CRO tools. For upgrades post-trial, kindly contact our support team.

What is Ochatbot?

Ochatbot is an AI e-commerce chatbot designed to reduce support tickets, and boosts sales and revenue. It is an all-in-one AI solution that offers premium features from one chatbot. 

Ochatbot uses generative AI to learn about your business and deliver human-like conversations to your customers.

Does Ochatbot use ChatGPT?

No, we use proprietary LLM to power Ochatbot. Your data is safe and secure with Ochatbot, and we also restrict your AI’s knowledge so it never spews harmful words or disinformation. 

How does live chat work?

Ochatbot uses its own live chat system (1 seat) or can connect to a third party. A customer can request a live chat from within the chatbot – either when the chatbot AI does not understand the customer or when the visitor clicks a button. If you are unavailable to chat, the customer can leave a message and you can follow up via email. You can also monitor your site’s activity and proactively invite customers to live chat.

Is Ochatbot able to connect directly to a eCommerce product database?

Yes, Ochatbot can connect directly to product databases through any eCommerce integration platform. Connecting directly to the product database will allow chat bot users to search products inside the AI chatbot window. Product images, short descriptions, and pricing will appear in the chat window along with buttons for Add to Cart and View Details.