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Ochatbot’s® Scripted NLP AI Platform: No Coding Required!

Ochatbot’s Scripted NLP AI program takes the complexity out of building eCommerce AI  chatbots. Ochatbot’s scripted intent-based AI platform provides a user-friendly drag-and-drop environment where you can create powerful chatbot functionalities without the need for any programming skills.

What is a scripted intent-based AI?

Ochatbot’s scripted intent-based AI system is designed to understand and respond to user questions or specific actions via preprogrammed intents. It allows you to define predefined scripts, floating intents, and workflows using a visual, drag-and-drop interface. By mapping out different user intents and their corresponding responses, you can create dynamic conversations that address an unlimited range of user queries and needs.

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No coding required

The drag-and-drop nature of Ochatbot’s platform means anyone can create and deploy chatbot applications, regardless of their technical expertise. This empowers individuals and businesses to quickly leverage the power of AI without a steep learning curve or involving developers or IT.

Legally accurate responses

In numerous industries, there is a legal obligation to offer highly precise answers to questions. For instance, sectors related to health, which may  comply with FDA regulations and or other laws, follow strict guidelines. In such cases, each response undergoes approval from legal experts, and any creative or differently worded responses from generative AI are not allowed.

Flexibility and customization

Scripted intent-based AI systems allow for easy customization of conversational flows to align with your specific business goals and requirements. Unlike generative AI, you can control the conversation and inquire about information that can help determine what the visitor wants. You have control over the entire conversation, ensuring a tailored user experience.

Structured Tasks

Scripted NLP AI is highly effective for easily establishing structured tasks such as surveys, product finders, and lead qualification. On the other hand, generative AI can produce a wide variety of original content but requires a different approach to these tasks that may require additional training. That’s why we combined the strengths of both scripted NLP AI and generative AI for a more robust and versatile AI chatbot solution.


Setup Time

Unlike generative AI, some thought will have to go into how you want your visitors to interact and the corresponding questions and answers. AI training time is also required at least each month.

Limited flexibility for unique cases

While scripted intent-based AI systems are versatile, they may have limitations when handling complex or unpredictable scenarios that don’t fit within predefined scripts. Custom coding may be required for such cases.

Reliance on predefined scripts

The system’s capabilities are based on the predefined scripts and workflows you create. It may struggle to handle completely novel or unexpected user inputs that fall outside of the defined intents.

Best Use Cases for Scripted NLP AI

Legally sensitive responses

In industries that deal with sensitive or protected information, scripted AI eliminates the problematic aspect of AI hallucinations and provides legal-approved responses.

Customer support

Scripted AI can handle common customer inquiries and provide instant responses, freeing up human agents to focus on more complex issues.

E-commerce websites

Scripted AI is perfect for smaller budgets looking for premium e-commerce features, such as product suggestions, abandoned cart, and more.

Lead generation and qualification

Chatbots powered by scripted AI can interact with website visitors, qualifying leads and capturing valuable customer information.

FAQ support

A scripted AI system can efficiently handle frequently asked questions, providing accurate and consistent responses to users.

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