Generative AI

Generative AI with Ochatbot®

At Ometrics, we develop cutting-edge scripted and generative AI conversion optimization technologies since 2017. Our Ochatbot is powered by a generative AI system similar to OpenAI’s ChatGPT and other AI platforms large language models. But what exactly is generative AI and why is our approach unique?

What is Generative AI?

Generative AI is a sophisticated framework of algorithms that analyze and label language, and images, enabling the AI to establish connections between user queries and the existing training data. Simply said, generative AI analyzes data and allows people to ask questions about it.

Ochatbot’s Generative AI

What sets Ochatbot’s generative AI apart is our innovative combination of Scripted NLP AI and generative AI technology. This integration sets guardrails for specific conversations and ensures responses are legally accurate and compliant. The generative AI component enhances the conversation with engaging dialogues, effortlessly guiding visitors to discover unique offers and receive stellar customer service.

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Key Features

Secure and Private Data

Unlike other AI systems, your clients’ data and user responses are not shared with other clients or users of a model like Chat GPT. Ochatbot keeps your information private, safe, and secure.

No Hallucinations

Integrated scripted NLP AI and generative AI to manage conversations, mitigate hallucinations, lower generative AI expenses, and deliver legally approved responses as needed.

Personalized Recommendations

Leveraging user data, our generative AI algorithms provide upselling and cross-selling opportunities, delivering a tailored experience to visitors that increases sales and AOV.

Best Use Cases for Generative AI

E-commerce Websites

Ochatbot’s combination of e-commerce features and generative AI increases sales and revenues and reduces support tickets.

Self-Service Customer Support

Empower your customers to find the answers to their burning questions without waiting for a human support agent.

Lead Generation

Qualify leads through natural, conversational interactions. Ochatbot also assists in scheduling and appointment-setting.

AI marketing

Collecting insights about users and their preferences provides crucial data for making marketing and business decisions.

Personalized recommendations

Ochatbot learns about your customers and their shopping patterns, delivering a tailored, memorable experience.

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