Ochatbot® Virtual Assistant

Ochatbot® Virtual Shopping Assistant

Ochatbot’s Virtual Shopping Assistant is a customer support module that quickly answers typical customer support questions in a conversational way. If the Ochatbot Virtual Assistant cannot answer a question, it directs the user to a specific page or refers the user to live support when available. This allows support staff to focus on higher-level customer support issues.

User questions are tracked, collected, and reviewed so you gain valuable business insights into what users are asking about and looking for. These insights improve your marketing efforts and support team efficiency.

Quickly input your FAQs and commonly asked support questions, and Ochatbot Virtual Assistant will automatically create the intents which you can edit later if needed. It’s fast and easy to set up Chatbot Virtual Assistant for all your customer support questions.

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Searching the Product Database 

Ochatbot integrates with all eCommerce platforms and connects directly with your product database. This allows chat users to search for products, view product details, and an add to cart button; all without leaving the chat window. Integration between Ochatbot and all eCommerce platforms directly to your database allows the products to be automatically connected, saving you time. Additionally, chat users are able to describe products, and the chatbot will provide products based on keywords assigned in the database.

Product Recommendations 

Additional product recommendations trigger once a customer adds an item to their cart helping to increase revenue and Average Order Values (AOV). You can easily select what products you’d like to feature or recommend inside Ochatbot by SKU or product title. For example, if a customer added hiking boots to their cart Ochatbot would trigger and recommend a pair of comfortable socks, supportive insoles, or fashionable laces that would be the best match for their boots.

Order Status and Tracking 

One of the most popular customer support topics is inquiries surrounding order status and tracking. With Ochatbot, customers can look up where their orders are in the shipping process. Depending on the eCommerce platform, Ochatbot can even provide a link to track an order. Using Ochatbot’s order status and tracking features can significantly reduce the number of support tickets that customer support teams have to handle; saving time for more complex customer situations.

Conversational eCommerce

Overcoming sales obstacles to get shoppers to proceed to checkout is the main goal of sales representatives. Similar to live sales representatives, Ochatbot is a resource to help shoppers overcome any sales obstacles including frequently asked questions, company policies, and product details. Ochatbot assists its users and pushes them to complete their order. Users can ask Ochatbot a wide range of questions and it will provide answers in a conversational manner.  

Abandoned Cart

Client revenue increased on average by 27% with Ochatbot’s abandoned cart feature. Ochatbot cookies shoppers for 30 days, so when they add items to their cart and exit the website Ochatbot will remember what was in their cart. When shoppers return to the site, instead of triggering the Default Question, Ochatbot will trigger with a reminder of what they left in their cart and encourage them to complete their checkout.

Why use an AI chatbot for eCommerce?

In the world of eCommerce, AI chatbots can offer a range of benefits, such as:

Better Understanding of Customer Needs: AI chatbots can gather data on customer queries and interactions, providing valuable insights into customer needs and preferences. This information can help eCommerce businesses make informed decisions about product offerings, marketing strategies, and customer support.

Improved Customer Experience: AI chatbots can provide customers with instant and personalized support, ensuring that their queries are addressed promptly and efficiently. This can help improve customer satisfaction and retention rates.

Increased Efficiency: AI chatbots can handle multiple customer queries simultaneously, reducing response times and increasing efficiency. This can lead to cost savings for eCommerce businesses.

Competitive Advantage: By utilizing AI chatbots, eCommerce businesses can gain a competitive edge by offering customers a unique and personalized experience. This can help differentiate them from their competitors and drive sales.


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