Ochatbot® | Virtual Assistant

Ochatbot® Virtual Assistant

Ochatbot’s Virtual Assistant is a customer support module that quickly answers typical customer support questions in a conversational way. If the Chatbot Virtual Assistant cannot answer a question, it directs the user to a specific page or refers the user to live support. This allows support staff to handle higher level issues.

User questions are tracked and collected so you gain insights about what users are asking. This valuable data can improve your marketing and support.

Quickly input or import your FAQ’s and commonly asked support questions, and Chatbot Virtual Assistant will automatically create the intents which you can edit later if needed. It’s fast and easy to set up Chatbot Virtual Assistant for your customer support questions.

chatbot virtual assistant

Overcome customer objections quickly

Answer customer questions immediately to help increase engagement and push them that much closer to a sale. Customers feel more confident about their purchase and are more likely to come back knowing they can receive great customer support. At the same time, help reduce tickets sent to your support team by answering highly frequent questions with easy answers.


Our Pro Plan includes chatbot consulting allowing you to focus on your business and not learn another technology. We will build and take care of the daily AI training of your chatbot.  Let’s discuss your application and determine the best solution for your business.

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