Two Options to Build Your Chatbot

Do It Yourself

Sign up for your free Ometrics account and start building your chatbot today. We won’t leave you in the dark, call us if you need support. Monthly subscription plans and prices range from FREE to $109 a month. Click to Start For Free.

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We Build it for you

Ometrics will review your chatbot goals, build and maintain the chatbot for you for $495 a month. This includes all Ochatbot fees, maintenance, monthly insights and Ochatbot monthly metrics.


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What’s Included In Building A Chatbot

We handle everything from building to maintaining the chatbot.
Here are some of the typical steps to building a chatbot:

  • Defining the goal of the chatbot and when it will pass the conversation to a human
  • Compiling data – from survey questions, sale qualifiers and FAQ’s to ecommerce product SKU’s
  • Building, testing and launching the chatbot
  • Maintenance to educate the chatbot

The fees vary depending on how much information the chatbot needs to know, and how many users are engaging with the chatbot on a daily basis. You have two options: We build it and you maintain it for a one time setup fee, or we build and maintain it for a monthly fee.

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