Do you know how to reorder products in Shopify? A Shopify store owner should optimize the collections page on the online store to convert more casual website visitors to customers. Reordering the products on the collection page will make the website visitors find their desired products easily. Recent report says that most of the Shopify merchants are first time entrepreneurs.

“You can’t wait for customers to come to you. You have to figure out where they are, go there and bring them back to your store”


If you are setting up an online store, you should optimize it effectively. There are different collections on Shopify, such as best selling, featured, and new collections. In this article, let us look into Shopify collecting and product order.

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Shopify Apps for Sorting Products

Benefits of Reordering the Products on Shopify

How to Arrange Products on Shopify

A Shopify owner can arrange the products automatically and manually in the online stores. As a Shopify merchant, you can create various collections and categorize the products with tags.

When you create a new collection on Shopify, you should sort the products in the way the customers will find them easily. Here are the three significant collections on Shopify:

  • Simple collection
  • Discounted collection
  • Nested collection

When you are grouping up similar products in Shopify, it becomes a simple collection. Sorting the products with size tags and colors will allow your customers to choose them effectively. A nested collection in the online store will categorize products based on their size and colors. Whereas, if you want your customers to purchase products with discounts and offers, you can also create a discounted collection.

1. Arrange Manually

When you arrange products in the Shopify store, there are primarily two different ways, manual and automatic sorting. Manual sorting is dragging and arranging the products on your online store using the settings. Here are a few ways to reorder products to make the shopper’s product search flexible and easy.

  • Sorting in alphabetical order
  • Arranging the products by best selling order
  • Sorting by date
  • Newest to oldest product sort.
  • You can also reorder the products from the lowest price to the highest.

To sort products manually using the default settings, there are just four steps. From the Shopify admin page, click the ‘Products’ option and select ‘Collections’. You will now view the list of products in your online store. Select manually and drag the products to reorder.

2. Arrange Automatically

Arranging the products automatically will reduce the task of dragging and arranging the products every time. Again, log into the Shopify admin and select the ‘Products’ and ‘Collections’ options.

While reordering the products automatically, you’ll choose one sort of order. Some of the sort orders are ‘Newest’, ‘Best selling’ and ‘Oldest’. You can select the sort order preferred, to automatically reorder the products in Shopify.

3. Shopify Apps for Sorting the Products

Shopify merchants will also use different product sorting apps to rearrange the products in the desired position. You can find the sorting apps with the best features in the Shopify app store. Here are a few Shopify apps to reorder your store’s products:

Bestsellers ReSort

Bestsellers Resort is one of the best apps, including advanced features to automate the tasks in the online store. As an online business owner, using the ‘Bestsellers ReSort’ app will allow you to reorder the products with precise sorting rules. Here are some of the benefits of using the ‘Bestsellers ReSort’ app.

  • Multiple options to organize the products.
  • Shopify merchants can gain Return on Investment (ROI) with organized collections.
  • Bestsellers ReSort app has the following options to arrange products: ‘Push sold outs down’, ‘Sort by publish date’, ‘Sort by featured products, and more.
  • You can also create custom sort orders using the Bestsellers ReSort app.

Collection Sort

‘Collection Sort’ app will help your online shoppers find the products quickly with random collection sorting. Here are a few effective sort orders you can create with the ‘Collection Sort’ app.

  • Smart collection sort.
  • Manual random sort.
  • Automatic random sort.
  • Multi-product rapid positioning.
  • Multi-product simultaneous sorting.

Collections Sort & Merchandise

As a Shopify merchant, sorting the products via advanced analytics will move inventory faster. ‘Collections Sort & Merchandise’ is one of the best sorting apps in Shopify that allows you to reorder the products and boost sales exponentially. Shopify merchants have advanced options such as,

  • AI Collection Sorting
  • Advanced Automated Collections
  • Collections A/B Testing

You can build multi-segment collections according to the sort order you need. The app provides you with predefined templates such as New Arrivals, Discounts, Bestsellers, and more. Many Shopify merchants use Collections Sort & Merchandise to optimize email marketing with the app’s AI algorithm.

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Benefits of Reordering the Products in Shopify


Drives ROI

How to organize products on Shopify

If your online store has properly organized collections, customers will find the potential products easily. The organized product collections will make the product search easy for your customers. Online business owners will drive better ROI with organized collections.

Increases Conversion

The organized sort orders will also increase conversions substantially. In a few sorting apps, you have AI algorithms that help in email marketing campaigns. The potential customers will land in the tailor-made collections with marketing campaigns. AI personalized collections help in increasing the conversion.

Boosts Sales and Productivity

The sorting of the products in Shopify will boost sales. Using sorting apps will increase the productivity of Shopify merchants. The manual sorting might consume the time of Shopify merchants. But, using Shopify apps will boost productivity with advanced conditions. You can create various collections with different conditions and predefined templates using the apps.

Final Word

So far we have helped you to reorder the products in Shopify using different ways. Arranging the products using various options will help you stand out from the other online stores.

If an online store has disorganized collections, the customers will immediately leave and switch to another store. This is why you should reorder the products effectively for online shoppers. Reordering the products will make the product search easy and increase sales exponentially.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Can you change the tag filters’ orders?

Yes, an online business owner can change the order of the tag filters with the theme editors in the Shopify store.

How to add tags for the orders in Shopify?

Click the ‘Orders’ option on the Shopify admin page and enter the tag names you have to add. Select the tags you want to add and apply to the orders. Now, click ‘Save’.

How much does it cost to set up a Shopify store?

Online business owners have different plans to start a Shopify store. The basic plan costs 29 USD per month and the advanced plan is 79 USD per month. 

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