What are effective chatbot questions? Why do you need a chatbot for your eCommerce store? An online store owner uses an eCommerce chatbot to engage with their customers. eCommerce chatbots are Artificial Intelligence, or AI, bots that answer questions like a human.

Your customers may have a few questions to ask a bot before they purchase the products. So, you have to set effective chatbot questions to help your chatbot engage with customers effectively and enhance the customer journey. Artificial Intelligence in an eCommerce chatbot is fascinating to many website visitors. Customized messaging of chatbots may give the experience of having a real-time human conversation. Robot questions and answers shouldn’t sound too mechanical!

Why Does Your eCommerce Site Need a Chatbot?

Your sales team with human agents may not be available 24/7. An eCommerce site will most likely have customers from different time zones. If your customers are not getting responses, they might leave your website without closing the sale. This is why you need an eCommerce chatbot. An AI chatbot is available 24/7 and converses with customers like a real-life agent.

Chatbots can also connect your customers to a live agent if they need more help than a chatbot cannot handle. Having a chatbot on your website is a great way to engage your customers and boost sales. Online shopping is growing extensively with more advanced technologies. eCommerce businesses are outpacing each other with different technical strategies. Adding an AI chatbot will be an effective marketing strategy for eCommerce companies.

Talking to a Bot –  How Can You Make Your Chatbot More Effective?

Many successful eCommerce brands use chatbots as an alternative to live chat agents. Advanced chatbot technology effectively asks customer service questions and immediately resolves customers’ issues. In the digital era, online shoppers expect immediate responses and 24/7 availability.

Talking to a bot should quickly resolve their questions about your product and services. Effective chatbot questions will invite more customers to your website. If eCommerce businesses implement AI-based chatbots on their websites, they need not worry about the mechanical response. Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Artificial Intelligence will allow chatbots to talk like real human agents.

Conversational eCommerce – To Boost Sales of eCommerce Companies

chatbot questions

You have just read about how Artificial Intelligence and NLP help chatbots mimic a human conversation. Now, you might wonder what a mechanical response is? Imagine you are surfing through an eCommerce store and developing a conversation with a chatbot. If you are asking a chatbot about a particular product, it shouldn’t respond with blunt answers like, “Sorry, I didn’t understand your question.” Conversational commerce is an efficient way to resolve every customer’s problem. Chatbot marketing makes the conversation engaging and helps to increase business sales.

If your prospective customers are not able to get proper answers from a chatbot, they will most likely switch to another website. This is why you need to implement AI eCommerce Chatbots to enhance the customer experience. eCommerce business owners can operate chatbots on different social media platforms and messaging apps, like Facebook Messenger. A Facebook Messenger Chatbot reaches out to your potential customers, so adding a chatbot to your Facebook page is an added advantage. Small talk may also make customers feel like they are talking to a physical store agent. Let us look into 10 effective chatbot questions that increase eCommerce sales.

10 Effective Chatbot Questions / Small Talks

1. Fun Chatbot Talks

Your eCommerce chatbot can drive sales through fun small talk. If your customer asks a question to your eCommerce chatbot, it can reply with a funny answer. Your chatbot should never sound confused while answering a question.

The chatbot should greet customers with a warm welcome message. Your customers will most likely engage with the chatbot effectively if it provides casual elements to the conversation. Conversational elements make the interactions more fun and engaging for the customer. eCommerce chatbots can send videos, texts, and images about your product to customers. Fun chatbot talks can make online shopping effective and instant for eCommerce website visitors.

2. Lead Qualifying Questions – Lead Chatbot Template

If you are setting up a B2B (Business to Business), chatbots play a major role in converting website visitors to leads. B2B businesses must ask lead qualifying questions to website visitors to convert them into leads.

You need to find website visitors who show interest in your business. Setting up a lead generation chatbot on your website will help your prospects schedule meetings and appointments faster. Some effective chatbot questions for lead generation are:

  • What are the priorities of your business?
  • How do you think we can help you?
  • What is your budget estimation?
  • Which payment plan suits you?

An eCommerce chatbot with advanced technologies can find you many potential leads. Unlike human agents, chatbots effortlessly handle repetitive questions. Your B2B business will find more prospects with lead chatbot templates.

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3. Questions with Business Objective – Customer Acquisition

Your chatbot should understand your business objective! Yes, AI chatbots are like real-life sales reps who will help you understand your customers. An efficient sales rep will understand the business objective and talk with customers.

In the same way, chatbots should also understand business objectives to convert potential customers. Training your AI chatbot with business goals can exponentially increase the sales process. AI chatbots should make a product purchase easier. Chatbot questions based on business objectives work as a traditional sales funnel. You can also save the money you would spend on support tickets and create different marketing strategies.

4. AI Chatbots Learn Existing Customers’ Questions

How do chatbots respond fast compared to human agents? eCommerce business chatbots understand customers’ questions quickly compared to live agents. Have you ever wondered how it is possible?

Chatbots quickly understand customers’ questions because it learns from previous conversations. If your customer asks a basic question, the chatbot will reply faster with the data stored inside. Instant answers can develop more user interactions.

5. Chatbot Feedback Collection Process – Web Forms

The main objective of chatbots asking engaging questions to customers is to understand customers’ preferences. AI chatbots help online business owners to take surveys and collect customer feedback. Chatbots with Artificial Intelligence technology augment e-mail marketing.

After your customer purchases a product from your website, your eCommerce chatbot will pop up and collect their feedback. Chatbot surveys are significant to understanding what your customers are looking for. Online business owners don’t have to do traditional surveys to know about their target audience’s preferences. If you have an eCommerce chatbot, building eCommerce businesses around customers is an easy task!

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6. Customer Service Questions on eCommerce Platforms

An eCommerce chatbot should certainly have a good conversational flow. An AI-powered chatbot is more effective than rule-based chatbots in jumping from one conversation to another. In a live chat system, human agents can jump from one conversation to another conversation easily but handling repetitive questions is tiresome for human agents. Chatbots that work on different eCommerce platforms pave a way for online business owners to market their products effectively.

AI chatbots can easily jump from one conversation to another and answer repetitive questions. Maintaining a sales team to ask customer service questions is a time-consuming task. AI-powered eCommerce chatbots can reduce time-consuming jobs and support tickets. In this way, eCommerce chatbots will reduce customer service costs for online business owners. Some of the basic customer service questions and solutions are:

  • How can I help you?
  • Products you might like (Showing relevant products to customers)
  • Product description (Chatbot product description reduces browse abandonments)
  • Are you looking for this product? (Questions like these will help customers find products easier)
  • Wonderful choice! Do you want to look for more products like this? (This is a cross-sell strategy. If your customer is not able to find the exact product, chatbots can recommend more products similar to your customers’ choice)

7. Brand Awareness Answers – eCommerce Chatbot

All your website visitors are not aware of your products and services. Your eCommerce chatbot will help your customers learn more about your products and services. Chatbot marketing can reduce traditional email marketing and promotional message strategies. Your AI chatbot can work better than traditional marketing services.

  • eCommerce chatbot can develop a voice for the brand.
  • Many successful brands developed their own chatbots to converse with their customers.
  • Chatbots maximize eCommerce stores’ social media presence.
  • Facebook Messenger bots are one of the ways to enhance a brand’s social media presence.

8. Finish Chat Naturally – Chatbot Conversational Flow

Your customers have now purchased your product. What is next? eCommerce chatbot should finish the conversation naturally. The natural conversational tone in eCommerce chatbots increases customer satisfaction and gives a personalized experience to your customers.

eCommerce store owners don’t have to add more conversational elements to finish a chat. Your chatbot can just say ‘I hope you had a wonderful shopping experience’, ‘Hope you had a great time!’ etc., to end the conversation politely. This shows customers that your eCommerce business values every customer. Chatbot messages like these offer customer support more effectively than live chat systems.

9. Conversational UI – Chatbot Script Examples

Understanding user intent and tackling difficult questions are very significant to increasing customer support in an eCommerce store. As we have read above, chatbots learn from previous conversations. By reading the previous conversations, chatbots easily understand user intent.

With the conversational UI, your eCommerce chatbots captivate customers and quickly answer their questions. Imagine how happy your customers would be if your chatbot resolved their questions by understanding their purchase intent.

10. Tackling Negative Responses

While writing a chatbot script, you should also think from the customers’ perspectives. What if your customer leaves the website without purchasing a product? How should your chatbots respond in this situation?

Simple, your chatbot should leave a warm message to encourage customers to revisit your website. The responses can be, “No Problem! Leave a message when you want to go to the next step” or “Thanks for visiting our site, let us know if you need any help.” Warm chatbot messages like these may leave a positive impression on your eCommerce customers about your business. This is how an eCommerce chatbot develops brand loyalty, with personalized messages.

What is a Chatbot Work Flow?

Did You Try Ochatbot?

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This AI-powered chatbot works on different eCommerce platforms and offers customer support. Ochatbot works on platforms such as Shopify, Magneto, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce. This AI-powered eCommerce chatbot is not limited to only one eCommerce platform. Online business owners can enhance their eCommerce businesses on different platforms.

Built-in AI – Integrates Facebook Messenger

Ochatbot has independent AI, you don’t have to integrate AI into this eCommerce chatbot. The independent AI works effortlessly on Facebook messenger. We have already looked into the benefits of integrating chatbots into Facebook messenger. Ochatbot integrates with Facebook messenger and enhances your eCommerce business.

Create New Question Intent

Ochatbot creates new question intent with Artificial Intelligence technology. Online business owners don’t have to spend their time creating intents on the chatbot. Ochatbot can handle multiple tasks for your eCommerce business.

Ochatbot Boosts Average Order Value

With the page targeting strategy, Ochatbot boosts the average order value (AOV). If an online shopper goes to the checkout page, Ochatbot opens a chat window and recommends relevant products with upselling and cross-selling marketing strategies.

Affordable Pricing Plans for All Online Business Owners

Ochatbot has different affordable pricing plans for all online business owners. These pricing plans can benefit all online business owners, from entrepreneurs to small businesses. eCommerce business owners can also sign up for a free trial now!

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a Chatbot Script?

A chatbot script is a documentation of the chatbot conversation flow with the user intent and business goals. Online business owners should effectively create a chatbot script based on their customers’ actions.

2. How do eCommerce companies use chatbots on emails?

An email chatbot connects with the leads on emails. Email chatbots reduce the time-consuming task of manually writing emails to every lead. An email chatbot automates messages and is an effective marketing tool.

3. Do Chatbots work without Artificial Intelligence?

Rule-based chatbots and flow bots work without AI. These chatbots have branch-like questions and allow customers to choose from them.

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