Are you interested to know the best practices for chatbot development? A conversational AI chatbot needs extensive training and inputs to converse with customers and engage them in the buying process.

Recent research discloses that chatbots generate 30-40% response rates in a conversation. When you develop a chatbot with advanced technologies, you can generate 80% to 90% response rates.

AI chatbots have many advantages such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing, and sentiment analysis behind them to replicate human conversations. This blog focuses on the best chatbot development platform and effective practices to develop your AI chatbots effectively.

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11 Best Practices for Chatbot Development

What is a Chatbot Platform?

A chatbot platform will help online business owners develop a chatbot for various social platforms. The best chatbot platforms will streamline the chatbot development process for online business owners.

Multi-channel marketing with AI chatbots includes social platforms such as Facebook Messenger. A chatbot messenger will help you find the platforms that suit your target audience’s interest. Online business owners should choose an efficient chatbot platform to create a chatbot for their e-commerce stores.

Chatbot conversations should impersonate human agents to eliminate robotic responses while providing customer support. The best chatbot-building platforms will create chatbots using advanced technologies that are easy to integrate into your e-commerce website.

What are the Two Types of Chatbots?

There are two types of chatbots, rule-based chatbots, and artificial intelligence-powered chatbots. Not all chatbots have AI technology behind them, as rule-based chatbots have predefined responses set by the developer. The making of a rule-based chatbot comes from the if/then logic

These chatbots provide a set of questions to website visitors and let them choose from the set of questions.

AI chatbots work with advanced technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, sentiment analysis, natural language understanding, and natural language processing. Apart from the predefined questions, an AI chatbot can answer complex questions of website visitors.

Effective Chatbot Automation For E-commerce

An online business should streamline its shopping process to stand out from its competitors. Recent research implies that 80% of companies state that the chatbot experience is positive.

Online business owners can reduce people interactions and support ticket costs in e-commerce stores with automation. Imagine how tiring it is for an e-commerce store owner to do everything manually! Automation is one of the ways to streamline customer journeys in an e-commerce store. This article will elaborate on the chatbot development process and how you can make your online store more effective.

Developing Bots for E-commerce Stores – Chatbot Creation

An online business owner should determine a chatbot’s success by analyzing its metrics. The first step in developing a chatbot is finding whether the chatbot is suitable for your business. A chatbot should understand your business objective and target the customers with goals.

You are implementing an AI chatbot to solve a few actions in your e-commerce store. You must first know what your chatbots should solve and devise significant action items for your bot. Bot development should not be too complex, so when choosing a chatbot for your e-commerce store, you should select code-free chatbots for an effortless setup process.

Analyze Chatbot Development Platforms – Chatbot Builder

E-commerce store owners should analyze chatbot development platforms to develop chatbots with effective features. Chatbots with artificial intelligence technology helps e-commerce site owners to reduce manual tasks on the website.

One of the main reasons to add an AI chatbot to your e-commerce website is to reduce customer service costs. Hence, a chatbot should be more efficient to streamline the online shopping process on a website. It’s important to know the three best chatbot development platforms for your e-commerce stores.


Ochatbot is an AI-powered chatbot that works with an independent AI and creates intents to solve customer questions. Creating intents in an AI chatbot is one of the more time-consuming tasks in chatbot development. However, in the Ochatbot, an online business owner can easily create intents that will help chatbots to jump from one conversation to another.

Conversational elements in a chat will captivate more customers and help them learn about your online stores extensively. In Ochatbot, online business owners can add images and videos about their brands and products to increase sales exponentially.

An AI chatbot with social messaging channels integration such as Facebook Messenger will help online business owners extend their business to a wider customer base. Here are the top five solutions of Ochatbot to e-Commerce site owners:


      • Natural unrestricted conversation.

      • Reducing shopping cart abandonment.

      • Order status tracking.

      • Product recommendation.

      • Add surveys and forms.


    Tidio is a customer service platform that provides live chat and chatbot support on online websites. An online shopper can easily add products from a chat window with this AI chatbot.

    Online business owners can generate leads by reducing card abandonment, product recommendation, and instant answer features. Tidio analyzes the customer behavior on the website and segments to generate more leads. Handling multiple conversations effectively will not make your online website look inactive. With the Tidio chatbot, an online business owner can handle multiple conversations with every website visitor.


        • Automatically send answers regarding the shipping process.

        • Notifies operators when a customer leaves the website.

        • Create triggers to enhance the buying process.

      Octane AI

      Octane AI is a chatbot development platform that has online shoppers as its target demographic. On this platform, chatbots pose several questions to online shoppers and enhance their buying process. Online shoppers need not navigate websites and use valuable time to choose their desired products.

      Octane AI provides quizzes and identifies the customer’s desired products to recommend relevant products. Online business owners can easily upgrade their marketing processes and strategies with Octane AI. This AI chatbot development platform has innovative quiz templates, dynamic quiz experiences, customizable designs, targeted pop-up quizzes, and helps online business owners track their performance through an analytics dashboard.


          • Octane AI reduces the return rate.

          • Increase E-mail revenue.

          • Exclusive Shopify integration.

        11 Best Practices for Chatbot Development

        Online business owners create bots to communicate with their customers and provide them with answers instantly. An online shopper receives a personal experience in e-commerce stores if they communicate with their target audience with smart solutions. Before implementing chatbots on your site, you should have a keen understanding of chatbot conversations and how they are beneficial for your e-commerce site.

        A rule-based chatbot can solve simple actions in the chat window. When it comes to complex questions, a chatbot without artificial intelligence technology cannot handle them as well as one that has it. Developing an AI chatbot is not like rule-based chatbots as an AI-based bot requires AI and ML technologies to have strong analytical skills.

        An e-commerce site requires more human agents to streamline the trading process while an AI chatbot tracks order details and helps customers understand the shipping process.

        1. Integrating Chatbots to Messaging Platforms

        An online business owner should integrate chatbots into various messaging platforms to converse with customers. Social media integration is one of the ways for an online business to develop a strong communication-centric business across the market.

        Many online business owners integrate their chatbots to a potential messaging platform such as Facebook Messenger to reach more target audiences.

        2. Address Customer Pain Points

        Online shoppers should have a better customer experience on e-commerce websites. A chatbot helps online business owners enhance customer experience with better goals. AI-powered chatbots first understand customer behavior on websites by conversing with them.

        If you are an e-commerce business owner, you should understand your marketplace and the issues that your customers face. When your e-commerce business solves customers’ specific pain points that they are facing everywhere, then your business will create a unique impact. An AI chatbot understands customer behavior and addresses their specific pain points.

        3. Easy Integration

        Online business owners should check the e-commerce integrations of an AI chatbot. There are different e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce and BigCommerce, etc. A complex chatbot is challenging for online business owners to integrate on various platforms. This is the reason why an online business owner should choose chatbots with easy integration.

        While purchasing an e-commerce chatbot, an online business owner should see how many integrations a chatbot has. An online business owner should purchase chatbots that integrate on multiple e-commerce platforms.

        For instance, when an online business owner migrates from one platform to another, they need not struggle with the implementation. Technical support is essential for developing a chatbot, but the support should not be too complex.

        4. Conversation Design

        How should your chatbot speak? When you implement a chatbot on your e-commerce website, you should decide on the conversational flow. A chatbot cannot sell products in the initial conversation. Chatbot conversation is like a sales funnel, so the conversation should start with a welcome message, lead customers to the product page and understand their preferences through the conversation.

        Conversation flow in AI chatbots should help online business owners understand the common preferences of their target audience. A sales team may feel frustrated in answering the repetitive questions of customers. However, conversational UI can handle both complex and repetitive questions without frustration.

        5. User Stories

        What is your user’s story? A user’s story plays a significant role in determining the value of a product. If your target base is searching for a similar product, you can develop your business around it. Your user’s stories are a description of your products from the perspective of the audience.

        A user story helps you to determine what your user are trying to accomplish with your service and products. If a user is looking for a new feature or additional capability in your products, user stores will help you fix them perfectly as a returning customer in an online store will have a purchase history and a story. A chatbot will remember purchase history and recommend relevant products to your customers.

        6. Perfect Error Handling

        What if your chatbots cannot answer a user’s question? In this situation, an online business owner should know how to handle the customer’s questions. For instance, AI chatbots can handle complex questions. But, a human-in-the-loop (HITL) concept is always the best way to rectify errors.

        Many online business owners don’t have human intervention in the conversation. Microsoft bot framework worked without human intervention and the result was Tay. Tay disclosed the dangers of machine learning bots without human assistance. If you are developing an AI chatbot with machine learning technology, you should develop the chatbots with the HITL concept.

        7. Add Conversational Elements

        Conversational elements in the bot conversation will captivate your visitors and help them learn more about your products. While your bot is recommending products to customers, it can also add videos and images about your products.

        Online business owners can build chatbots with conversational elements in a conversation. Conversational elements will enhance AI capabilities and provide a better customer experience in your online store.

        8. Customer Requests to Support Team

        An AI chatbot can send customer requests to the support team. Business processes become flexible when you develop a chatbot with CRM integration.

        An online business uses a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system to manage every conversation of a customer and identify the potential customer and their pattern. An AI chatbot with CRM integration will streamline this process. Your online business will grow exponentially if you implement CRM-integrated chatbots on your website.

        9. Choose the Best Chatbot Developer

        Now that you know about the best practices for developing a chatbot, you should also choose the best chatbot developer. A chatbot developer should enhance the functionalities of your bot and meet the customers’ needs in every scenario. Chatbot developers should possess profound knowledge of conversational flow, algorithms, and the development of machine learning AI chatbots.

        Additionally, chatbot developers should devise multiple strategies to develop a bot and enhance its functionalities according to customers’ needs. A developer should also have experience in enhancing deep learning and developing AI solutions.

        10. Simple Narrative

        A chatbot should talk like a human agent. When you are implementing an AI chatbot to your website, you are replacing live agents. AI chatbot scenarios should not sound complex because a simple conversation will help you understand your target audience’s needs.

        If your chatbot sounds complex, then there is a possibility of your customers leaving the website without developing a conversation. Hence, a simple narrative is best to engage online shoppers on e-commerce websites.

        11. Test Before Launching

        Before launching chatbots on your website, it is always best to test them with different scenarios.

        If your chatbot fails to respond to significant questions of your customers, you can rectify them instantly. At times, online business owners will know more about the chatbots’ effectiveness while testing. Testing your bots before launch is the best way to understand your bots’ strengths and weaknesses.

        Bottom Line

        Chatbots cannot entirely replace human assistance in an e-commerce website but, they can streamline and automate challenging tasks.

        Online business processes will increase sales and enhance the sales process of both returning and new customers by implementing chatbots on their websites. In this blog, we discussed the best practices to develop chatbots for e-commerce. Analyzing the best practices and standing out from your competitors by adding an effective chatbot is the next best step for your business.

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        Frequently Asked Questions

        What is a custom chatbot development?

        A custom chatbot is a traditional chatbot that develops by understanding the users’ purchases.

        Can a chatbot make money?

        Yes, a chatbot can increase sales of an online business by engaging with its customers and understanding their needs.

        Is Alexa a chatbot?

        Alexa is a conversational AI, technically a chatbot that provides support in the popular e-commerce platform Amazon.

        How does a chatbot fail?

        A chatbot fails when there is no human intervention and improper development.

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