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Have you formulated marketing strategies for your Shopify store? How do you know your marketing strategy is working correctly? Adding a chatbot to your Shopify store has many advantages. Shopify chatbots increase sales and welcome new visitors to your site.

The conversion rate is the percentage of website visitors that align with your business objective out of the total number of visitors. Embedding an AI chatbot on your website replaces your support team and informs customers about your products and you about your customers. To understand how your marketing strategies work, adding an AI chatbot is the best idea.

What is Shopify?

Shopify is an e-commerce platform that helps online business owners sell their products. You can set up an online store and become a successful entrepreneur with Shopify. By using different marketing strategies by Ochatbot, you can increase the conversion rate of your small business.

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Chatbot Implementation – Shopify Chatbot Apps

If you are an e-commerce site owner and are wondering how to dramatically improve your conversion rate, this article will tell you how implementing chatbots on your website will increase customer satisfaction and enhance customer experience.

The main objective of every online business owner is to get the customers to complete a transaction without leaving the website. AI chatbots use the art of conversational e-commerce to provide excellent customer service to customers. Implementing chatbots is a great investment for every online business owner. 

An efficient AI chatbot will increase sales and support customers by doing multiple tasks. If you have planned to implement conversational chatbots on your website, it is best to check the advantages and disadvantages of every chatbot. Click here to learn about the best Shopify chatbot apps.

Ochatbot Increases Your Shopify Conversion Rate – Chatbot for Shopify

Ochatbots with Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing technology understand multiple languages and converse like a real-life agent. Online business owners don’t have to worry about enhancing customer services with a support team if they have implemented Ochatbot for their Shopify store.

1. 24/7 Customer Support

Ochatbot not only engages the customers with conversational text and images, but it is also available 24/7. A human agent cannot constantly stay and reply to your customers, but Ochatbot will engage your customers effortlessly.

Online shoppers often leave a website if customer service agents are not available. Shopify chatbots pop up and answer every question your customers have, so they will not leave your website without getting their questions resolved. Online business owners can also service customers from different countries with chatbots’ 24/7 support.

2. Better than Live Chat

Shopify chatbots are better than live chat support to engage with your store visitors. A live chat doesn’t have Artificial Intelligence technology behind it. You have to hire support tickets to communicate with your customers.

Ochatbot collects customer data through the conversation and identifies customer behavior patterns. You can communicate with your customers through live chat, but chatbots do multiple tasks and reduce support ticket costs.

3. Integrating into Communication Channels

You should be able to integrate your chatbots into the communication channels where your customers are active. Facebook messenger is one of the favorite customer engagement channels where you can identify and communicate with a potential customer.

Integrating chatbots into other communication channels like Facebook messenger strengthens the relationship with your customers. You can add your messenger chat to your Shopify store and communicate with your audience.

4. Tracks Order Status in Your Shopify Site

Your customer has ordered your product, now what? You have to enhance their purchase journey as well. When your customer is searching for their order status in your Shopify app store, chatbots pop up and help with tracking their order.

Your customers don’t have to wait for a long time to track their order status, an AI chatbot does the task instantly. Ochatbot can pull up the order status directly or direct your customers to the order tracking system.

5. Recommends Relevant Products

Chatbots learn from the conversations of the customers. While answering questions, chatbots analyze previous conversations. So, if your customers ask basic questions about the products, chatbots will answer effectively.

AI Chatbots recommend relevant products to your customers by understanding their preferences through their conversations. Answering a customer’s questions relevantly is significant to enhance your brand’s value.

6. Code-Free Chatbots for Shopify stores

Online business owners should be able to install chatbots in their Shopify stores easily without a complex interface.

Code-free chatbots are easy to set up on your websites, you don’t have to worry about the intricacies of setting up a chatbot for your website. Compared to the other AI chatbots, Ochatbot has a less complex interface and is convenient to e-commerce site owners.

7. Abandoned Carts

Imagine visiting an online store, adding a product to the cart, and not being sure whether to buy that product or not. This is why customers tend to abandon their carts, abandoned carts are one of the biggest challenges every e-commerce website owner faces.

Ochatbot encourages customers through conversational text to purchase products, helping them not leave your website without purchasing your products. Ochatbot understands your user intent with built-in AI. By responding to the standard intents effectively and popping up with triggers, Ochatbot will resolve their questions and help them take an action without abandoning carts.

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Did you Know about Ochatbot’s Free Plan? – Chatbot for Shopify

Ochatbot has four amazing pricing plans for online business owners. If you are a startup, you can start a free trial to implement Ochatbot on your website. Ochatbot has pricing plans for small businesses, startups, and large businesses.

Ochatbot also helps B2B (Business to Business) owners with generating leads. If you want to enhance your customer service and increase sales on your website with an AI chatbot, Ochatbot can help you more effectively!

Final Word

Enhancing customer support is significant for both small and large businesses. By adding Ochatbot to your website, you will invite more website visitors and convert them into potential customers. You don’t have to depend on the help desk to collect customer data through the conversation. Ochatbot saves you time and increases your sales organically.

You can create new questions and intents inside Ochatbot and adding surveys and forms in Ochatbot will help you understand your customers’ feedback and design your products based on their preferences. Get Ochatbot and increase the conversion rate of your Shopify website exponentially!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do stores use Shopify?

Shopify has exceptional features for online business owners to customize their sites and reach out to customers. Many stores use Shopify to manage their products, payment, and shipping easily.

What is user intent?

User intent is understanding your audience and their preferences. Online business owners should first understand what a customer is searching for before they can provide results.

What is the difference between Live Chat and AI chatbot?

Live Chat has human agents who speak with customers and provide good customer service. Whereas chatbots with Artificial Intelligence technology converse with the customers naturally without help from humans.

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