The biggest difference between Ochatbot and MobileMonkey is that MobileMonkey focuses on support and lead acquisition only and does not have eCommerce features like Ochatbot’s AI eCommerce chatbot. Both platforms can switch the users to a live chat.

Both systems have templates to start building your chatbot quickly. Mobile Monkey has 75 and Ochatbot has over 80. One important distinction is that Manychat is created with a set of prescripted conversational flow. For example, do you want XYZ, yes or no? Whereas Ochatbot also has true AI where a shopper can jump from one topic to another in a natural way mimicking a human conversation. The AI is also learning and getting smarter over time.

Both Ochatbot and Landbot have websites and Facebook instant messenger however Landbot is also able to communicate on Whatsapp and SMS. Note that to communicate on Whatsapp users agree to share data with Facebook which can limit participation.

Chatbot Features

Features Ochatbot MobileMonkey
Independent from FB (FB not required) Yes Yes
Integrate to all eCommerce platforms Yes No
Search product database Yes No
Add to cart from chat window Yes No
View product details from chat window Yes Yes
Order status and tracking Yes Yes
Recommend products (cross-sell) Yes No
Abandoned cart Yes Yes
Page targeting Yes No
Zapier integration Yes Yes
SMS integration No Yes
AI training Yes No
AI ability to switch conversation topics in real-time Yes No
AI conversational eCommerce (typed, without buttons) Yes No
NLP (Natural Language Processing) Yes No
Live chat built-in Yes Yes
Integrate with 3rd party live chat platforms Yes No
Unlimited SKU’s Yes No
Unlimited conversations Yes No
Unlimited Interactions Yes Yes
Saved Conversations Yes No
Prebuilt standard intents Yes No

Pricing Comparison

Ochatbot MobileMonkey
Free Plan Yes, Up to 1k visitors Free Plan Yes, limited to 1000 send credits
Leadbot $35/month, up to 10k visitors Pro Plan $21.75/month (paid annually) or $29/monthly
Basic Plan $69/month, up to 10k visitors Unicorn Plan $51/month (paid annually) or $68/monthly
Plus Plan $109/month, up to 30k visitors Team Plan $299/month (paid annually) or $374/monthly
Pro Plan $495/month, up to 30k visitors

Unlimited contacts and leads for all plans. 

Additional plans are available depending on the number of visitors for Plus and Pro plans.

See Pricing

  Additional costs for additional chat users

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