AI chatbots are increasing sales of eCommerce sites through conversational commerce strategies. Online business owners using them find new and helpful solutions to generate revenue. Using an eCommerce chatbot, businesses can understand customers’ preferences, reduce tedious tasks, and give personalized recommendations.

Online shoppers are known to browse through many different websites when searching for a product. When you are visiting an online store, immediate responses and personalized experiences encourage you to buy products. eCommerce chatbot gives various solutions to customers and eCommerce merchants to increase sales.

How do Chatbots drive sales for eCommerce businesses? – eCommerce Chatbot

Conversational AI in eCommerce chatbots engages with users just like a human sales rep. AI chatbots are different from rule-based chatbots that follow formulated rules or decision trees to answer basic questions.

Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence allow chatbots to understand and learn from previous conversations. Online business owners will be able to boost sales and enhance their sales process with conversational elements in chat by an AI chatbot. eCommerce chatbots with AI technology help to complete buyers’ purchases as well as increase Average Order Value (AOV) by using cross-selling and up-selling sales strategies. Hiring human agents to converse with customers is certainly a challenging task for online business owners, but chatbots do all the tasks efficiently, for less. Even if customers ask repetitive questions, chatbots can handle them tirelessly.

Successful eCommerce Chatbots

1. Ochatbot

Online business owners can easily install this eCommerce chatbot with the eCommerce platform plugin or by adding the unique script to the site – making it available on almost all websites and platforms. Ochatbot doesn’t have a complex interface, so it is easy for online business owners to customize Ochatbot accordingly. Ochatbot gives relevant product recommendations to your customers and enhances customer experience substantially.

This eCommerce chatbot helps online business owners gain customer insight by reviewing shopper transcripts to see what shoppers are asking and looking for.

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  • Online business owners can connect Ochatbot to thousands of Customer Relationship Management systems with Zapier integrations.
  • Natural language understanding(NLU) and Natural Language Processing(NLP) allow Ochatbot to understand multiple languages and respond with relevant answers. Customers can also switch between chatbot and live chat agents.
  • Ochatbot reduces the number of support tickets by providing customers their order status and tracking.
  • Customers can add products to their cart without leaving the chat window.
  • Ochatbot captures abandoned carts without having to previously capture a shopper’s email address.
  • Artificial Intelligence behind Ochatbot drives sales through naturally unrestricted conversations.
  • Ochatbot acts like a human agent in a physical store and implements a page targeting strategy to engage shoppers at the right time in their journey.
  • Product recommendations by Ochatbot enhance the customer experience when they shop online.


  • Not connected to SMS or WhatsApp.
  • It is an AI chatbot as well as a rule-based chatbot. 
  • Setting up an AI bot takes more time than a rule based bot,but the bot works better that a rule based only bot.

2. Octane AI

Octane AI has conversational templates to communicate with the customers through images, video, and texts. Chatbot tools in Octane AI work for messaging apps, Facebook messenger, and SMS marketing. Octane AI works only for Shopify; not for other eCommerce platforms.


  • Octane AI integrations collect the e-mail address and recover shopping carts efficiently.
  • This eCommerce chatbot is exclusively designed for Shopify and connects to all product reviews.
  • Creates conversational responses to converse with customers
  • Retargets customers through the conversation pattern in the messenger bot.


  • Octane AI doesn’t integrate with customer relationship management systems.
  • This eCommerce chatbot doesn’t have reporting and analytics capabilities.
  • Octane AI doesn’t provide solutions to lead generation and B2B businesses since it doesn’t work for all platforms.

3. Flow XO

Flow Xo is another AI chatbot that understands a customer through the conversational flow and analyzes their preferences. Online business owners can integrate Flow XO with other messaging apps like Facebook messenger.


  • Flow XO helps an eCommerce business by storing the conversational history of customers to collect their data.
  • This eCommerce Chatbot does multiple tasks by understanding the conversation of customers.
  • Flow Xo is a code-free chatbot and understands customer preferences through keywords.


  • Flow XO is similar to rule-based chatbots, and as such can answer only the basic questions of customers.
  • It works on different messaging platforms but building Flow XO is not a seamless task like other chatbots.
  • As mentioned above, Flow XO doesn’t have artificial intelligence technology behind it, and therefore cannot handle complicated issues of customers.
  • Flow XO doesn’t have human intervention in the conversation. Online business owners should rely on both human intelligence and machine intelligence for increasing eCommerce store revenue.

4. Chatfuel – Facebook Messenger

Helps online business owners build user-friendly, code-free chatbots. Online business owners can integrate AI: the artificial intelligence technology behind chatbots. Using AI, this replicates a conversation like humans. Customers can chat with the bot seamlessly.


  • Chatfuel can understand the conversation of many bot users and conversational elements drive sales.
  • Chatfuel is an efficient Messenger bot and works exceptionally in Facebook Messenger.
  • The retargeting strategy of Chatfuel can increase sales of eCommerce companies.


  • Setting up Chatfuel in e-commerce websites is complex. Chatfuel doesn’t have an easy setup feature on e-commerce sites.
  • Online business owners don’t have options other than Facebook Messenger to connect with customers.
  • There is no AI built-in and it doesn’t help with the conversion rate of websites.
  • Chatfuel doesn’t integrate with all eCommerce platforms eg, WooCommerce.


Gobot helps the B2B site owners increase sales of their websites by automatically qualifying leads through conversation. This chatbot can jump from one question to another since it has AI technology behind it. This eCommerce chatbot collects customer data with quizzes related to your business objective.


  • E-commerce site owners can enhance customer experience with the 24/7 availability of Gobot.
  • Gobot is integrated with Shopify and you can easily set up this chatbot on your e-commerce sites.


  • Gobot chatbot doesn’t connect with CRM (customer relationship management) systems and doesn’t handle a wide range of tasks.
  • Training and regularly updating Gobot is difficult for eCommerce companies since it works with only automated responses without regular updates.

Best eCommerce Chatbot- Who is the Winner?

Online shopping saves time for so many customers, and chatbots are providing solutions through product recommendations, personalized responses, and quick replies.

While considering the pros and cons of the eCommerce chatbots, Ochatbot wins the title of ‘Best eCommerce Chatbot’. Ochatbot’s features allow online business owners to implement the chatbot easily without a complex interface. E-commerce site owners don’t have to integrate Artificial Intelligence.  Ochatbot has built-in AI and mimics the conversation of humans.

Unlimited Conversation

Ochatbot doesn’t only just answer questions inside a decision tree like rule-based chatbots. The AI chatbot is able to switch conversation topics in the middle of a conversation naturally. The AI technology can interpret shoppers’ intent and recommend products to drive online sales along with other easy-to-use features. By understanding customers’ preferences through conversations, Ochatbot will provide a great online shopping experience for every user.

Online business owners can regularly update the chatbot and building Ochatbot on the Shopify store and other eCommerce platforms will increase revenue and new website visitors.

Code-Free AI Chatbot

Ochatbot is a code-free AI chatbot and the interface allows business owners to create various conversations with business objectives in mind.

E-commerce site owners can create new intents and add images and videos inside the chatbot window. Ochatbot has built-in AI and standard intents that are predefined, but you can also build your own custom intents.

E-commerce Integrations

Ochatbot has eCommerce plugins for Shopify, WooCommerce, Magneto, and BigCommerce. eCommerce stores on these big four platforms can integrate this chatbot to their website by adding a unique script to their site.

This chatbot is one of the best eCommerce chatbots that increases sales with independent AI. Ochatbot easily integrates with all eCommerce platforms and generates revenue for your online business.


Ochatbot has plans to fit any business’ budget with competitive pricing and flexibility in moving from one plan to another. New accounts start with a 45-day Free Trial that includes all eCommerce features that help boost revenue to try them out.

Free Plan

Startups and other small businesses that have less than 5,000 monthly visitors can build and use their own Ochatbot for free. 

Basic Plan

The Basic plan helps small businesses to generate more leads and engage with more visitors. It is not meant for eCommerce sites due to the lack of access to eCommerce features like Abandoned Cart or Order Status.

Plus Plan

The Plus plan is built for eCommerce stores with access to revenue boosting eCommerce features and access to unlimited SKUs. This not only increases sales but reduces customer support tickets and reduces the load on support teams.


The Pro plan is meant for larger businesses that need help building and maintaining their Ochatbot. Ometrics takes care of everything for clients including daily AI training to make the chatbot smarter and smarter over time.

Click here to know more about all of the pricing plans for Ochatbot.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are some major problems that chatbots solve in e-commerce?

E-commerce chatbots understand customers’ questions quickly by linking one question to another. Human agents cannot answer repetitive questions and rule-based chatbots cannot easily jump from one conversation to another but, chatbots do these tasks effectively.

2. What is a chatbot solution?

E-commerce chatbots provide solutions to the relevant product recommendations to customers quickly. Online business owners use eCommerce chatbots to create brand awareness through different sales strategies efficiently and quickly. Chatbots provide solutions to the complex issues of customers quickly compared to the live chat agents, where the customer may need to wait to speak with someone.

3. What is conversational customer experience?

Conversational AI allows the chatbots to talk like a sales rep and deploy customers through sales funnel strategies. A conversational customer experience helps e-commerce site owners to know more about their customers and develop their business around potential customers.

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