There are many chatbots out there, and the more sophisticated chatbots use Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Natural Language Processing (NLP) systems. Read more about the future of chatbots as a platform and how artificial intelligence is part of chatbot development.

Virtual assistants are widely recognized because of Google Assistant and Echo home. Chatbots are becoming the machine version of a virtual assistant as they get smarter. A non-assistant type of chatbot is used for entertainment or to gather specific research data.

Complex systems like Amazon’s Alexa, Google Home, IBM Watson, and Apple’s Siri use machine learning because of clusters of billions to trillions of pieces of data that can make assumptions of the correct answer.

The latest chatbot technology is a move toward real-time learning or machine learning that uses algorithms that are used for their ability to communicate based on the uniqueness of the conversation that is held. This is difficult to do because of the massive amounts of data the machine needs to have accurate responses.

As chatbot systems become more complex, developers are focusing on making more independent software using intent-based algorithms and AI. The future of chatbots is going in the direction of AI and moving towards having complete control over the automation of our digital lives.

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Chatbot Features

Features Ochatbot ManyChat
Independent from FB (FB not required) Yes No
Integrate to all eCommerce platforms Yes No
Search product database Yes No
Add to cart from chat window Yes Yes
View product details from chat window Yes Yes
Order status and tracking Yes Yes
Recommend products (cross-sell) Yes No
Abandoned cart Yes Yes
Page targeting Yes No
Zapier integration Yes Yes
SMS integration No Yes
AI training Yes No
AI ability to switch conversation topics in real-time Yes No
AI conversational eCommerce (typed, without buttons) Yes No
NLP (Natural Language Processing) Yes No
Live chat built-in Yes Yes
Integrate with 3rd party live chat platforms Yes No
Unlimited SKU's Yes No
Unlimited conversations Yes No
Unlimited Interactions Yes No
Saved Conversations Yes No
Prebuilt standard intents Yes No

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