9 Ways AI Chatbots in Marketing Help Augment Your Business Strategy

With almost every sector moving towards digitizing their product/service and automating their processes, the whole spectrum of marketing techniques has been transformed. Traditional forms of marketing are increasingly replaced or evolved by new innovative methods. 

Of these methods of marketing digitally, chatbots play a major role. 

Employing AI chatbots in marketing has been proven to maximize your efforts by hearing your customer voice, conversing with them, and making your brand visible. Over 57% of businesses agree on seeing observable results in the ROI with little investments, with an increase in sales by 67%. As a result, chatbots have become an indispensable part of various marketing strategies. 

In this article, let us see different ways AI chatbots in marketing help augment your business strategy. 


What is Chatbot Marketing?

What is Chatbot Marketing?<br />

Chatbot marketing can be defined as a strategy or technique that leverages chatbots to engage with visitors, converse with them and market your product. This way of marketing can be provided through social media platforms, emails, or even your website guided by your chatbot. 

Chatbots can conversationally acquire leads, guide the user through their buying journey, answer questions, offer support, show offers, discounts, and prompts to promote action, thereby making conversions and in turn directly or indirectly marketing your brand.

Additionally, chatbots are an ideal tool to engage visitors all around the clock, making it easy for them to reach out to your brand to get their queries solved, reducing competitor drift, and thereby increasing retention rate. 


Different Ways AI Chatbots Help Your Marketing Strategy

Different Ways AI Chatbots Help Your Marketing Strategy<br />

From providing personalized and timely responses to collecting data for analysis, AI chatbots help streamline business processes in a variety of ways. Additionally, by leveraging the usage of AI and Machine Learning, chatbots provide a plethora of benefits that help efficiently augment your marketing strategy. 


Enhancing Customer Service

Enhancing Customer Service<br />

Customer service is one of the prime areas of chatbot deployment. Here, AI chatbots can create a conversation-friendly way of support that provides exceptional customer service. They can respond to customer questions rapidly and help find more information about your product. In addition to delivering automated replies, AI chatbots can also offer live chat support with a human agent when prompted for in-depth support and service.


Create an Automated Marketing Campaign

AI chatbots help automate a variety of tasks including your marketing campaigns. From handling automated interactions with incoming customers to collecting data from the users through each step of the customer interaction, AI chatbots can automatically drive marketing-related prompts until conversions are made. 


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Augmenting Email Marketing

Augmenting Email Marketing<br />

AI chatbots can efficiently aid conventional e-mail marketing strategies. Messages from chatbots can be sent directly to the customer, additionally with email prompts, that have a greater chance of being seen and not ending up in spam. Chatbots also provide additional functionality by providing solutions and ways to solve them, redirecting the customer to appropriate pages, and helping with payments.


Personalized Product Recommendations

A personalized touch always incites the customer’s interest. Using collected data, AI chatbots can provide personalized product recommendations and personalized answers to support queries. This helps build a relationship with the customer, thereby increasing impressions of your marketing strategy which ultimately results in an increase in ROI by up to 75.5%. 


Augment your Workforce

Deploying a chatbot to your marketing strategy lessens the burden on your marketing and sales team. From automating mundane tasks to assisting the team while handling support queries, AI chatbots can handle it all. This frees up the marketers’ time, energy, and morale so they can be deployed to other creative marketing initiatives. 


Engage Customers on a Larger Scale

Engage Customers on a Larger Scale<br />

AI chatbots, in addition to grabbing users’ attention, can engage them for a longer time and at a larger scale compared to other methods of customer engagement. Once the chatbots grab users’ attention, they can converse with a large number of users landing on your website or application, acquire insights, and show prompts and offers regarding your products or services to the customers.


Better Customer Communication and Engagement

When it comes to customer engagement, conversing with an AI chatbot can be more fun and interactive than a traditional chatbot with just programmed responses. This can help boost your brand credibility and leave a lasting impression of goodwill on customers. 


Increase the Number of Conversations

When it comes to solving a customer query, conversations need to happen back and forth to arrive at a pinpoint solution. In some cases, human support personnel might wear out when dealing with mundane tasks, but chatbots do not tire out and can keep the conversation engaging with the customer. When confronted with something the chatbot can’t understand, a proper fallback response to repeat the question or seek live support makes sure the customer concludes the session satisfied. 


Guide Customers Through the Sales Funnel

Guide Customers Through the Sales Funnel<br />

When a website visitor lands on your page, AI chatbots can initiate conversation automatically by greeting them and understanding their intent by asking questions. They can then segment the user based on their interest and guide them accordingly through the sales funnel and finally make conversions. 


Frequently Asked Questions

How can AI chatbots help in automated email campaigns?

When a user lands on your website, AI chatbots can start conversations and collect details from the visitors via surveys, fillable forms, and even conversationally. Once the data is acquired, AI chatbots can trigger automated email campaigns to connect with your visitors.


What is a Sales Funnel?

A sales funnel is a marketing metric that defines the transition of a visitor from when they first land on your page till they are converted to a customer. The sales funnel consists of 3 stages: TOFU, MOFU, and BOFU, which are top, middle, and bottom, respectively.


How do chatbots aid in providing a personalized experience?

AI chatbots can collect data from the user either conversationally or by analyzing their behavioral and viewing behavior. AI chatbots then use this data to show product suggestions similar to the patterns that match a given user’s habits. 


Leverage AI Chatbots to Enhance Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Conversational marketing is a recent marketing trend that has been gaining traction in recent times, and AI chatbots are becoming the future of conversational marketing.  

In recent times, conversational commerce has been one of the most influential ways to connect with customers, interact with them, and market your brand. Over 70% of customers prefer personalized and seamless customer experiences. 

By leveraging AI chatbots and the benefits they offer to your customers, you can automate your marketing process, enhance the customer experience, and stay ahead of the competition. 


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