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Abandoned cart recovery is a huge problem that every e-commerce site faces! Reaching out to the customer, making them take action, and purchasing the products is a back-breaking task.

Ochatbot comes to the aid of e-commerce websites to recover the abandoned cart and lift the store revenue. 

Here are a few exceptional marketing strategies chatbots use to encourage users to purchase products!

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Role of Ochatbot in Abandoned Cart Recovery

Engage Users

Re-engagement with Customers

Helps in Order Status

Conventional Cart Recovery

Capturing Customer’s attention

Automated Conversation

Personalizes the Engagement

Human-Like Response and Machine-Like Tasks

Exceptional Features in Ochatbot


Ochatbot Augments Traditional E-mail Cart Recovery Mails

Ochatbot doesn’t replace the traditional abandoned cart recovery emails going to online shoppers. Traditional cart abandonment emails only work if the site has the customer’s email address and usually only happens with past customers, not new customers.

Ochatbot is re-engaging when they come back to the site. This means we are engaging 100% of the new customers plus all the past customers.

You can use both the email abandonment cart systems with Ochatbot’s abandoned cart. 

Reasons For Cart Abandonment

Ochatbot sees a lift in revenue of 20% – 40% when shoppers engage. E-commerce websites are implementing different engaging marketing strategies to reduce cart abandonment rates. Customer satisfaction is significant to reduce cart abandonment; however, zero percent cart abandonment is nearly impossible, but let’s look at ways to mitigate this circumstance.

There are various reasons for a customer to leave the site before purchasing the products. The biggest reason is customers use the cart as a wish list to place products so they can find them again. Then they go to other sites to compare.

Ochatbot recaptures them when they come back to the site by reminding them of the products they have in the cart. Some personal reasons are inevitable due to life, but Ochatbots in e-commerce sites can tackle common cart abandonment reasons!

Let’s look into a few reasons why customers abandon their carts and the role of Ochatbot in abandoned cart recovery!

Unable To Find Options

Customers abandon the cart and leave the site if there are not enough options on the site. Online shoppers have to browse and research the items before adding them to the cart. Customers tend to leave the e-commerce site when the research and browsing process is time-consuming.

Generative and Scripted AI to engage shoppers in conversational eCommerce.

Create happy customers while growing your business!

  • 1 out of 4 shoppers make a purchase on average*

  • 5% to 35% Increase in AOV*

  • 25% to 45% Reduction in Support Tickets


*When shoppers engage with Ochatbot®

Dead Website

A website looks dead without any customer support. A website without customer support reduces credibility and makes the customer leave the site.

A customer-centric approach is necessary to eliminate the deserted look of a website. Ochatbots with personalized recommendations changes the deserted look of a website.

Slow Response

Customers tend to leave the website when there’s a slow response to their questions about products. Availability and accessibility are powerful strategies to reduce the cart abandonment rate. Slow response from the website exhausts the customer and stops them from purchasing the products.  For instance, if a customer is using your website, and it’s constantly slowing down, they’re going to leave.

Live chats with human agents behind the conversation are not available 24/7. Poor response discourages the customers from taking further action. So you might want to add a chatbot to your website.

Irrelevant Response

Rule-based chatbots and flow bots provide branching questions to customers. A customer has to choose one question from the given options, and irrelevant suggestions and mechanical responses increase cart abandonment.

Role of Ochatbot in Abandoned Cart Recovery

Ochatbot raises abandoned cart revenue up to 34%for digital marketing sites. Ochatbot has artificial intelligence technology behind it to support customers and resolve their questions.

User experience is essential to invite more prospects to the website, and Ochatbot eases the conversation and provides relevant suggestions to users.

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Check out the reasons below to choose Ochatbot for your e-commerce site!

Chatbots Engage Users

E-commerce sites use chatbots to give a physical store shopping experience to online shoppers. When a website visitor enters an e-commerce site to buy a product, interactivity plays a major role in converting a website visitor into a customer. AI chatbots act as a salesperson to help the users know more about the products and their specifications.

Re-engagement with Customers

An abandoned cart issue occurs when a customer adds products to the cart and leaves the e-commerce site without purchasing the products.

The E-commerce site has to resolve the questions of a customer about the product. Chatbots with AI re-engage with them again when they abandon the cart to find reasons. Ochatbots converse with the customers and re-engage with them to know the reason for cart abandonment.

Helps in Order Status

Online shoppers tend to keep a track of the products they have ordered. Ochatbot helps customers in tracking their order status. Ochatbot analyzes a customer’s journey and notifies them regarding their orders to build customers’ trust in the website. Customers revisit the website if they had a good shopping experience before. Ochatbot also reduces the customer service calls and support ticket load!

Augments Conventional Cart Recovery 

Ochatbot analyzes the behavior pattern of the customers to understand their preferences.

E-commerce sites used e-mail cart recovery strategies to inform customers about their abandoned carts. Ochatbots augments the conventional mail cart recovery strategy by informing the customers about the products in an effective way.

Capturing Customers’ Attention

When a customer is about to leave a site without purchasing the products, chatbots capture their attention by popping up and reminding them about the products.

Ochatbot asks various questions to the customers that are relevant to the site.

Asking relevant questions and constant reminders of abandoned carts captures the customer’s attention. Ochatbot is beneficial for different e-commerce sites to captivate customers and make them purchase the products in their carts.

Automated Conversation

Increased cart conversion is possible with an automated message and speech-enabled applications in Ochabot. A communication-centric approach in e-commerce sales escalates the opportunity for the customers to know more about the products.

When the customers interact with the chatbot, effective interaction engrosses them to purchase products from the site. Speech-enabled applications in Ochatbot interact with the customer like a salesperson and reduce the abandoned cart problem.

Personalizes the Engagement

Rule-based chatbots and flow bots don’t find patterns and gaps in the conversion. Personalization of engagement is a challenging task with flow bots and rule-based chatbots. Ochatbots personalize the conversation by identifying the gaps in the conversation.

Personalizing the conversation is significant to providing a real-life shopping experience to the customers. A chatbot without AI responds to the customer with habitual dialogues, it sounds more like a machine than providing a pleasant physical store experience to customers.

Human-Like Response and Machine-Like Tasks

Ochatbot connects directly to the product database and spreads brand messages to the users via conversation. The responses of Ochatbot are personalized with conversational elements, this human-like response engages the users more!

Users like to interact with a functional Chatbot, quick responses are not only enough to capture their attention. Ochatbot does multiple tasks like a machine and reduces cart abandonment with personalized notifications.

Exceptional Features in Ochatbot

Ochatbot interacts with the customers with conversational messages and understands their requirements.

Customers might ask repetitive questions to know more about the specifications of a product. Ochatbot answers the questions by linking them to the previous conversation.

Ochatbot provides reporting analytics to gain insights about the customers.

Bottom Line

Customers have few personal reasons to abandon the cart, AI-based chatbots help customers in understanding the brand ideas. The artificial intelligence behind the chatbots provides more personalized recommendations and related options! Customers find it easy to research more about the product without leaving the site with many suggestions.

Ochatbot interacts with the user and tracks the customer journey. The artificial intelligence behind Ochatbot augments e-mail cart recovery strategy efficiently!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a cart conversion rate?

Cart conversion rate is the percentage of customers who complete the order transaction without leaving the site.

How does a poor check-out process affect cart conversion rate?

Customers follow a set of procedures before ordering a product, the set of procedures is known as the check-out process. The procedures in ordering a product are a pillar to increasing revenue, poor check-out process makes the customer leave the site.

How does Ochatbot track the customer journey?

Ochatbot gains the information from the conversation and tracks the customer journey to send reminders. Personalized message reminders from Ochatbot set a benchmark for a customer-centric approach.

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