Best AI Finance Tools and Apps in 2024

Mesha – An all-in-one financial solution that helps US businesses manage finance, taxes, accounting, bookkeeping, and payroll.

Stockinsights – An AI-powered platform designed to simplify stock research by providing summarized transcripts and categorized corporate announcement filings.

AISignals – A trading tool that leverages artificial intelligence to provide real-time buy and sell signals across all asset types and timeframes.

Borea AI – AI-powered stock price predictions and stock ratings based on past market behavior and historical stock performance.

Onnix – A personalized AI platform that provides accurate answers and deliverables quickly, helping banking teams generate deeper insights and streamline their workflow.

Telescope – This tool uses generative AI to create intelligent stock portfolios from a single prompt.

Myinvestment AI – An AI-powered tool designed to help users make informed and personalized investment decisions.

Finchat – AI-powered investment research

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