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Have you ever felt like you were talking to a human agent while conversing with a chatbot? Innovative chatbot names will captivate website visitors and enhance the sales conversation.

A chatbot with a human name will highlight the bot’s personality. Recent research implies that chatbots generate 35% to 40% response rates.

Online shoppers will not feel like they are talking to a robot and getting a mechanical response when their chatbot is humanized. However, you may not know the best way to humanize your chatbot and make your website visitors feel like talking to a human.

One of the effective ways is to give your chatbot an interesting name. This article looks into some interesting chatbot name ideas and how they are beneficial for your online business.

Why are Innovative Chatbot Names Important?

Imagine your website visitors land on your website and find a customer service bot to ask their questions about your products or services. If the chatbot doesn’t have a proper name and asks repetitive questions, customers will ask them to redirect their conversation to a human agent thus negating the purpose of your chatbot. This is the reason online business owners prefer chatbots with artificial intelligence technology and creative bot names.

A catchy chatbot name will also help you determine the chatbot’s personality and increase the visibility of your brand.

Many popular online businesses like Amazon have virtual assistants; the name of Amazon’s AI is Alexa. The name represents a human personality that answers every question relating to purchasing on Amazon immediately. 

Online shoppers will get human and machine support when they humanize chatbots with interesting chatbot names and advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing, and sentiment analysis.

Reasons to Give Your Chatbot a Name

  • Your Chatbot looks natural
  • You give a personality to your chatbot
  • Captivates your website visitors to start a conversation
  • Provides a human-like disposition to your bot

Human or Robotic Name – Which is Best for Your Chatbot?

If you feel confused about choosing a human or robotic name for a chatbot, you should first determine the chatbot’s objectives. If your chatbot is going to act like a store representative in the online store, then choosing a human name is the best idea. Your online shoppers will converse with chatbots like talking with a sales rep and receive an immediate solution to their problems.

Since you are trying to engage and converse with your visitors via your AI chatbot, human names are the best idea. You can name your chatbot with a human name and give it a unique personality. There are many funny bot names that will captivate your website visitors and encourage them to have a conversation.

How to Generate Bot Name Ideas

The chatbot naming process is not a challenging one, but, you should understand your business objectives to enhance a chatbot’s role.

When you are planning to name your chatbot creatively, you should look into various factors. Business objectives play a vital role in naming chatbots and online business owners should decide the role of chatbots in a website. For instance, if you have an eCommerce store, your chatbot should act as a sales representative.

In a business-to-business (B2B) website, most chatbots generate leads by scheduling appointments and asking lead-qualifying questions to website visitors. 

A chatbot should have a good script to develop the conversation with customers. Online business owners should also make sure that a chatbot’s name should not confuse their customers. If you can relate a chatbot name to a business objective, that is also an effective idea.

7 Innovative Chatbot Names For Your Online Business

Chatbots should captivate your target audience, and not distract them from your goals. We are now going to look into the seven innovative chatbot names that will suit your online business.

1. Chatbots with Human Names

chatbot names

A few online shoppers will want to talk with a chatbot that has a human persona. Human names will provide that persona to the chatbot. This is why many brands give human names to their chatbots.

Apple named their iPhone bot Siri to make customers feel like talking to a human agent.


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Human Chatbot Name Ideas

  1. Georgia
  2. Eve
  3. Jack
  4. Olive
  5. Henry
  6. Alice
  7. Breezy
  8. Bella
  9. Luna
  10. Cora

Online business owners also have the option of fixing a gender for the chatbot and choosing a bitmoji that will match the chatbots’ names.

2. Catchy Bot Names

Apart from providing a human name to your chatbot, you can also choose a catchy bot name that will captivate your target audience to start a conversation. Online business owners usually choose catchy bot names that relate to business to intrigue their customers.


One of the best examples of catchy chatbots is CovidAsha. This chatbot is on various social media channels such as WhatsApp and Instagram. This creative chatbot name is related to the chatbot’s role. CovidAsha helps people who want to reach out for medical emergencies. In the same way, choosing a creative chatbot name can either relate to their role or serve to add humor to your visitors when they read it.

Catchy Chatbot Name Ideas

  1. Innovix
  2. Techni buddy
  3. Chatty corner
  4. Smartie
  5. Extrovert Assistance
  6. Airvin
  7. Thor
  8. Excellence bot
  9. Chit chat

3. Bot Names Representing the Business

Another method of choosing a chatbot name is finding a relation between the name of your chatbot and business objectives.

For instance, you can implement chatbots in different fields such as eCommerce, B2B, education, and HR recruitment. Online business owners can relate their business to the chatbots’ roles. In this scenario, you can also name your chatbot in direct relation to your business.

Business Bot Name Ideas

  1. E-commerce bot
  2. Fashion bot
  3. Sneaker bot
  4. Hospitality bot
  5. Medical chatbot
  6. Customer engagement bot
  7. Customer assistant chatbot
  8. Travel assistant
  9. Amusing bot
  10. Helper bot

4. Robotic Names

Now that you have a chatbot for customer assistance on your website, you must note that they still cannot replace human agents.

A chatbot is not a complete replacement for human agents. Many advanced AI chatbots will allow customers to connect with live chat agents if customers want their assistance. If you don’t want to confuse your customers by giving a human name to a chatbot, you can provide robotic names to them. These names will tell your customers that they are talking with a bot and not a human.

Robotic Name Ideas for Chatbot

  1. Fun chatbot
  2. Automated bot
  3. Ideas bot
  4. Answering chatbot
  5. Buddy bot
  6. Talking Chatbot

You can also name the chatbot with human names and add ‘bot’ to determine the functionalities.

  1. Frankie bot
  2. Levi bot
  3. Kitty bot

5. Interesting Chatbot Names

One of the main reasons to provide a name to your chatbot is to intrigue your customers and start a conversation with them. Online business owners can identify trendy ideas to link them with chatbot names.

The names can either relate to the latest trend or should sound new and innovative to your website visitors. For instance, if your chatbot relates to the science and technology field, you can name it Newton bot or Electron bot.

Interesting Chatbot Name Ideas

  1. Bright bot
  2. Visible bot
  3. Bruno bot
  4. Pluto bot
  5. Happy bot
  6. Confidence bot
  7. Beauty bot
  8. Genie
  9. Sprout bot
  10. Peppy bot

6. Technical Chatbot Names

When you are implementing your chatbot on the technical website, you can choose a tech name for your chatbot to highlight your business.

If you have an information technology-related business, you have plenty of options to name a chatbot that sounds tech-savvy, such as:

Technical Chatbot Name Ideas

  1. Quantum bot
  2. Tech dude
  3. Solutions bot
  4. Technie
  5. Tech magic
  6. Web friend
  7. Dyno bot
  8. Geek speaks
  9. Digitron bot
  10. IT friend

7. Characters Name as Chatbots

Imagine landing on a website and seeing a chatbot popping up with your favorite fictional character’s name. Fictional characters’ names are also a few of the effective ways to provide an intriguing name for your chatbot.

Online business owners can build customer relationships from different methods. Fictional characters’ names are an innovative choice and help you provide a unique personality to your chatbot that can resonate with your customers.

Fictional Names for Chatbots

  1. Achilles bot
  2. Vecna answers
  3. Astoria
  4. Avenger bot
  5. Superwoman
  6. Bellatrix
  7. Baggins bot
  8. Elvie bot
  9. Holmes talks
  10. Asterix

Extra Tip: You can find fictional characters that are trending now and name your chatbot to attract many website visitors to start a conversation.

What Makes a Bot Human?

You cannot entirely replace humans with chatbots. However, you can resolve several common issues of customers with automatic responses and immediate solutions with chatbots.

Artificial intelligence-powered chatbots are outpacing the assistance of human agents in immediate response to customers’ questions. AI and machine learning technologies will help your bot sound like a human agent and eliminate repetitive and mechanical responses.

Bottom Line

Artificial intelligence-powered chatbots use NLP to mimic humans. Online business owners use AI chatbots to reduce support ticket costs exponentially. Choosing a chatbot name is one of the effective ways to personalize it on websites.

These lists should give you ideas on what to name your bot. If you still can’t think of one, you may use one of them from the lists to help you get your creative juices flowing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which chatbot is the best?

You can choose two types of chatbots for your business, rule-based and AI-powered chatbots. An AI chatbot is best for online business since the advanced technology will streamline the customer journey.

Is Siri a chatbot?

Siri is an advanced virtual assistant by Apple. Siri is a chatbot with AI technology that will efficiently answer customer questions.

Which is the best chatbot for eCommerce?

Ochatbot, Botsify, Drift, and Tidio are some of the best chatbots for your e-commerce stores.

What is sentiment analysis in chatbots?

Sentiment analysis technology in a chatbot will help bots understand human emotions and empathize with customers.

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