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An effective chatbot strategy will change your eCommerce game with your competitors. You will stand out from the crowd and propose a unique business approach. 

Faster responses in online stores will help you gain credibility and build a loyal customer base. Chatbots pave the way to generate a more immediate response in your online store. Before implementing an AI chatbot on your eCommerce store, you should devise an effective chatbot strategy.

A successful chatbot strategy will increase customer satisfaction organically. This article looks into the different ways to build a strategy for the chatbot conversation in your eCommerce store.

Why Should Your eCommerce Store Have A Chatbot?

eCommerce stores are accelerating the process of shopping by recommending the right products to their target audience. In physical stores, a customer may communicate with sales representatives to help them understand what they are looking for. However, in online stores, advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and sentiment analysis can measure customers’ preferences and tailor the services accordingly.

An AI chatbot is one such effective software that helps online business owners automate conversations and understand their target audience. Having an AI chatbot in your online stores will benefit you in gaining valuable customer insights and accelerating your customer journey. If you implement chatbots in your store, you need not depend on customer service teams to do repetitive tasks and resolve customers’ issues.

What are the Technologies Behind AI Chatbots?

chatbot strategy

AI chatbots have artificial intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing, and sentiment analysis technologies behind them. Here are the benefits of these advanced technologies:

Artificial Intelligence

AI technology helps bots with decision-making in the conversation. For instance, chatbots without AI technology cannot communicate with customers apart from simple button clicks. AI technology will also handle complex questions and provide relevant responses.

Natural Language Processing

Your customers will most likely not engage with mechanical and irrelevant responses. Customer communication should be clear and give a slight personal touch with a human-like persona. Natural language processing helps bots understand human language and provide relevant responses.

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Machine Learning

Machine learning is an effective way to learn from previous conversations and handle a shopping scenario. Machine learning technology helps bots learn from past conversations and customer data to find a similar pattern in potential buyers.

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Sentiment Analysis

Bots should also sound empathetic when your customers share negative feedback about the products they receive or any other issues while purchasing your products. In this situation, sentiment analysis technology will make chatbots sound more empathetic.

What is a Chatbot Strategy

A chatbot strategy is a way to provide conversational solutions to online shoppers when they face any issues in your online store.

Online business owners can tailor the chatbot conversation and increase sales through it. You can build your chatbot through effective inputs that will generate sales and increase customer satisfaction in online stores.

Importance of Building Chatbot Strategy

Proactive conversation in eCommerce stores is a competitive advantage for many eCommerce store owners. It is always best to build a chatbot strategy with your business goals.

Chatbots with a good conversation strategy will build brand awareness and engage users. Building a chatbot strategy is also a marketing strategy to drive your customers through the marketing funnel.

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5 Ways to Build Effective Chatbot Strategy

To implement an AI chatbot in your online store, you should analyze the best chatbot platforms. Building your bot should not be a difficult task, hence choosing a chatbot platform that helps you build a chatbot in your online store without any technical knowledge is the right choice. Here are five effective ways to build a chatbot strategy for your eCommerce store:

1. Understand Your Customer Base

Understanding your target audience and their preferences are one of the significant ways to grow your business organically. eCommerce store owners should first know what their customers want.

Chatbot interaction should be based on your customers’ desires and needs. Machine learning technology in AI chatbots helps bots learn customer data through conversation. By adding an AI chatbot to your eCommerce site, you can understand your target audience and provide customer support in a more personalized way. Personalized service and conversations will acquire more customers for your store.

2. Clear Business Goals

Before setting up a chatbot conversation, you should understand your business goals. Every eCommerce store owner should have an end goal in mind (besides just increasing revenue).


Some business goals can include building returning customers, improving customer engagement, developing a loyal customer base, and generating more sales. While devising a chatbot script, you should clearly define your end goal and formulate the conversation accordingly. Eventually, your chatbot will converse with business goals in mind and help you achieve them organically.

3. AI Chatbot Script

How should your chatbot start the conversation in your eCommerce store? This is the first question you should have in mind while building a chatbot for your online store.

AI chatbot conversation

Your chatbot should replicate a human conversation and persona while providing customer support. For this, you should write a script of how a conversation should start and how it should end. For instance, your chatbot can converse with a greeting and develop a conversation asking what customers are looking for in your store.

Through this conversation, chatbots will recommend more relevant products to customers and help the target audience find what they want in your eCommerce store.

4. Chatbot Analytics

A chatbot is not only an effective solution to converse with your customers but also an excellent way to collect real-time data of website visitors with chatbot analytics. While building a chatbot strategy, you should also choose a bot that has good analytics and collect more conversational analytics.

chatbot automation

You can collect data such as total users, active users, new website visitors, highly engaging users, and conversions via conversations. By monitoring the bot performance, you will understand how chatbot conversations provide great value to your business.

5. Communication Channels

chatbot conversation

As an online business owner, you should know the presence of your target audience in different communication channels.

To generate more website visitors to your eCommerce website, you should first analyze the presence of your target audience in the various marketing channels and reach out to them effectively through an AI chatbot.

Social media presence is significant to grow your customer base in the market. By connecting with your customers through different channels, you will provide a superior customer experience to your target audience. Chatbot strategy also includes integrating your bot through different social channels such as Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp.


Building a chatbot strategy requires more attention and a keen understanding of how technology works to provide customer support. This article looked into the five strategies to build effective chatbot communication.

In a nutshell, advanced technologies behind chatbots will build effective communication and increase customer engagement in your online store. Choose the right chatbot platform and develop your bot personality with your business goals!

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the types of chatbots?

There are two types of chatbots, rule-based and AI chatbots. AI chatbots work with artificial intelligence technology whereas rule-based chatbots don’t, and operate with a limited response system.

2. What is a chatbot marketing strategy?

Chatbot marketing strategy is achieving your business end goal in a conversational manner. eCommerce site owners should build conversations effectively to convert more casual website visitors into customers.

3. What is an automated chatbot?

Chatbots store some automated responses to frequently asked questions, through the automated responses, you can handle multiple customers and their common questions. 

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